Any time “General Hospital” spoilers mention Brenda Barrett, “GH” fans go wild. Who didn’t love the glory days of Brenda and Sonny? Vanessa Marcil recently made an Instagram post that has many wondering if Sonny’s soulmate is heading back to Port Charles. Here’s what we know.

Vanessa Marcil hints at return

In a pair of Instagram posts released back-to-back on Tuesday, November 22, Marcil said, “Big news coming” in the first and then, “We are coming home” in the second. The first IG post had a snap of a young boy making praying hands which could mean anything.

The second snap was of Marcil in hair and makeup being styled for some sort of appearance. For “GH” fans, “home” will always mean the ABC soap and back in Sonny’s life. It would be exciting for Brenda to show up now, particularly since Sonny and Carly are on the rocks.

Would Brenda come for Sonny or for Jax?

Since Jax is in town, but slated to finish his run on November 28, might we see a cameo on “General Hospital” by Brenda since those two have a long history? Alternately, Brenda might show up to share condolences with Sonny on the loss of his son Morgan. We also might see a “one off” of Brenda appearing to Sonny in a dream or nightmare since his son just died in a car bomb explosion and he almost lost Brenda that way years ago.

If Brenda is coming back, “GH” can’t go wrong no matter how they write her return.

Brenda could wreck a CarSon reunion

Carly and Sonny are broken right now and Carly just tried to bed Jax, so things are bad between them even though Carly now knows the bomb wasn’t his fault.

Jax opted out of sleeping with Carly, so there’s still a chance for CarSon to heal their marriage.

Brenda coming back to Port Charles could put a permanent kink in their reunion if she stuck around. Vanessa Marcil’s IMDB roster shows no projects going on right now, so she might have the time to stop by Port Charles and stir up some trouble, though it’s a long shot that she would stick around.

Watch for “General Hospital” spoilers to see whether Marcil is just teasing “GH” fans, or if Brenda is returning to town for a spin. "GH" airs weekdays on ABC.