Joey Salads is a 22-year-old Youtube Star with over 1.4 million subscribers. The vlogger is mainly known for his pranks and social experiments, specifically his ones targeting African Americans. Joey's made several pranks where he enters "black"neighborhoods and provokes different strangers to get a violent response. 

Long time coming?

Many viewers have suspected that Joey's videos are fake for years.


Several Youtube Pranksters have resorted to hiring actors for their videos rather than getting genuine reactions from strangers. Kat Blaque, a fellow YouTuber, made a video in September calling him out and questioning his authenticity. Now, it's clear that everyone's suspicions were correct and the videos have been fake all along.

The debunking

The newest video (which is now deleted) was debunked within days of it being uploaded.


The original video started with Joey supposedly leaving a car filled with Trump merchandise in a "black"neighborhood. 15 minutes later, the car is seen getting vandalized by several African-American men.  

The prank was exposed by Twitter user @txorres and a YouTuber named h3h3Productions. A short video clip was released proving that Joey hired the black men who were seen vandalizing the Trump car in his video.

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The h3h3Productions video that exposes Joey currently has over 2 million views. 

Joey's history of racism

Joey's been quite vocal about his disapproval of the Black Lives Matter movement. He also has several tweets on his Twitter account aimed at black people and the "problems" with their community. 

Joey responds to being exposed

Joey has released three videos addressing the incident so far.

In his first response, he explains that the Trump video was originally meant to show people's reaction to his actors vandalizing the car, but he decided to change his idea while editing. However, many viewers have pointed out a problem with Joey's excuse. If Joey truly just changed his mind while editing, then the intro to his video would've let us know that. It's clear that Joey's story isn't true and the video he uploaded was what he always intended to film.


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