If anything good was to ever come out of "Sister Wives" that would be the news that Meri has found happiness with a new love and is getting ready to marry the man! Meri, who is the first of the "Sister Wives" for Kody Brown, was the only wife who was legally married to him for decades. A while back Meri agreed to a divorce to help Kody navigate a dilemma with another wife and that divorce has now come back to bite him.

Divorce bites Kody back?

Meri divorced Kody on paper only so that he could legally marry Robyn and adopt her kids from a previous relationship.

She stayed on as a "Sister Wive" and nothing was suppose to change, but something did. Even before Meri got this divorce she was unhappy in this plural marriage. With a divorce under her wing, Meri set out to explore the possibility of another relationship.

Meri lost in the shuffle

Once Robyn was brought into the family bringing Kody's wife count from three to four, Meri started to see things differently. She was tired of vying for Kody's attention and this was one unhappy woman in a marriage of polygamy. She was so unhappy that she was scammed online in a catfish scandal when thinking she was being wooed by a man. The person turned out to be a woman looking for some inside juice on the Kody Brown and his four wives.

The scandal became headline news and not only was Meri heartbroken after thinking she found real love online, but she was mortified for falling for this scam. Jump ahead to November and Meri has been away from the family an awful lot, but for good reason apparently.

A man all her own!

Reports today have Meri falling in love with a real man, one who is interested in her and only her.

She is now being treated the way she deserves by her new beau, whose name has not been revealed. Not only is Meri in love, but this unnamed man, who hails from Hawaii has asked for her hand in marriage, so the rumors say.

Meri has now found happiness, but she's not out of the woods yet as the people she is closest to in life may turn their backs on her for leaving the Brown family clan.

She is worried that her sister wives won't attend her wedding, but her real concern about possible no-shows for her wedding day is her only daughter Mariah, according to the Hollywood Gossip.

Meri gets kudos!

There's not many fans of "Sister Wives" that are applauding Meri for taking a chance at real happiness after being put on the back burner as a wife for decades. Kody Brown is often seen as a perpetual teenager who is driven by his libido and not by much else.

Living life as the "Sister Wives" do seemed to have some positive aspects to it way back when the show first started. There were plenty of people to share in the child rearing and household chores back when they all lived in one big house before wife number four came on board.

Back then Kody and his three wives not only shared one abode, but the women were very much like best friends.

Kody like teenager driven by his libido

It was when Kody took Robyn on as his fourth wife that things changed on "Sister Wives." He was like a teenager chasing after Robyn and ignoring his other three wives in the honeymoon stage of the relationship. This is when the fans got to see the underlying reasons that Brown enjoyed his polygamy life so much. Jealousy ran rampant and the other wives weren't happy campers. The Hollywood Gossip refers to Kody as the "douchiest devil that ever was." That pretty much sums up what Meri will be leaving behind to finally live the life she deserves if she does marry the man from Hawaii!