Yesterday, it was announced that Vine will be getting deleted in a couple of months. Luckily, this wasn't that surprising (or upsetting) to anyone.

Vine's backstory

Vineis a video-sharing app that took the world by storm in 2013. Dozens of normal people were able to create successful brands for themselves and make millions of dollars. At one point, Vine even gave YouTube and their creators' stiff competition. The app's 6-second limit tapped intoa young audience with a short attention span.

And if you think that six seconds was hard to monetize, you'd be wrong. Vine stars like Logan Paul and King Bach were making up to $200,000 off of just onesponsored Vine. So, what went wrong?

Vine's downfall

It looks like most of Vine's popular users can agree on what happened. Destorm, The Gabbie Show, and Meghan McCarthy are all Viners who decided to share their thoughts on YouTube.

Alx James is a Vine Star with 8.1 million followers and he has three videos on the subject.

All of the vlogsecho a similar message. Vine's top creators left because the people behind the scenes refused to pay them for their work. Despite the fact that the creators were making thousands with sponsored content, everyone still decided to quit out of protest.

It could be assumed that all these Viners leaving caused the app to suffer a drop in viewership and eventually fade away. Who knows what would happen to YouTube if nearly all of it's most popular channels suddenly stopped posting? Maybe this is a lesson that the producers at Vine had to learn the hard way.

Different reasons?

A few people seem to think that Vine burned out due to the repetitive content. It's no secret that the top stars of the app relied on either their good looks or crass humor to make it big. When you have to make your jokes quick, it makes perfect sense to fall back on racial humor and fart jokes. If you ask Comedian, Bo Burnham, he'll tell you the exact same thing.

The truth is, there were probably a bunch of factors that played into Vine shutting down. Maybe the app runners just couldn't afford to keep it alive. Like I said before, this wasn't much of a surprise to anyone. Vine's stars have already made the switch to YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and other platforms. All's well that ends well.