Hey, "Big Bang Theory" peeps. I've got some good news for you guys. I was able to track down a couple of new, official spoilers for the upcoming CBS hit comedy, "The Big Bang Theory," episode 6 of season 10. These were pretty hard to track down, given that the show is switching up time slots. Don't worry. I will totally let you guys know what the new time slot is later on in this post. For now, I need to let you guys know what's going to be taking place in this episode.

Episode 6 has another unique title

First off, it sounds like it'll be a pretty interesting episode as we'll see Penny have some comic convention fun.

There's going to be some baby kicking action. We'll also see some stuff from Sheldon and Amy. CBS has titled this episode, "The Fetal Kick Catalyst." Yes, it's another one of their very unique and interesting titles.

Penny goes to a comic convention as a guest

Alright, so now that I've got the initial, intro stuff out of the way, let's go ahead and jump right into the meaty synopsis. It turns out that we're going to see Penny actually be a guest at a comic convention. They don't tell us anymore about this particular convention, so that's all we got on that.

Sheldon and Amy have brunch

Next, they reveal that we'll be seeing Shamy aka Sheldon and Amy, engage in a brunch session in their apartment at some point.

Again, no other intel on that scene, but I'm sure it'll give us some laughs. Sheldon always gives us some good laughs, right?

The Wolowitzes feel the baby kick

We're going to see the Wolowitzes, finally feel their baby kick, I'm guessing, for the first time. Whatever the case, it sounds like it'll be an exciting moment for them.

Alright guys. So, that's all the synopsis spoilers that CBS would give up for episode 6. You'll, of course, have to tune in and watch to find out the rest. Episode 6 was directed by Mark Cendrowski.

Big Bang Theory is switching to Thursday nights

It happens every year, because of the Thursday night football schedule. Then once it's over, CBS moves "Big Bang Theory" into that Thursday night time slot.

So, with that said, episode 6 will be the first episode to air in the Thursday night time slot on October 27th, 2016 at 7pm Central time. So, mark Mondays off your calendars, and just switch them to Thursday nights from here on out.

That goes for us too. Be sure to check back here next Thursday to get the new spoiler scoops for episode 7!