Supernova Britney Spears fizzled with her newest album "Glory" but the "Baby One More Time" icon at least rocks a hot body. After some unflattering booty and belly fatimages on her Iggy Azalea collaboration music video, the mom of two vowed to shape up. What's the secret to Spears' weight loss? Is it down to motherhood joys, diet or a little something else?

Britney and the belly bulge bother

Last year, the "Toxic" singer was aghast to see her "fat" stomach in a video. She was also caught in a celeb cellulite fat-shamingshowing the dreaded posterior pudge.

To be fair, the "bulging tummy" looked like was only skin wrinkles from sitting slouched. But nevertheless, Brit decided to de-jelly that belly and battle the butt bulge pronto. Shortly afterwards she flaunted a taut belly she said was down to yoga, sushi, fresh fruit and generally healthier living. Her Las Vegas shows are notorious diet-busting partying. But Spears claims that Nutrisystem, yoga and cardio thrice weekly have helped her keep the Sin City weight gain at bay.

The "Attachment Parent" diet

Britney promised a new dawn with her "Glory" album. That was shot down in a 135-place inglorious blaze. But Spears still seems to be enjoying life with her two sons (whom she co-parents with ex Kevin Federline).

Her Instagram shows tons of fun kid stuff so it could be that being a busy happy mom is trimming the tummy down. Caring for a family is one of the best-kept weight loss secrets. The newborn and toddler years are the best (if you're breastfeeding and attachment parenting). You can almost eat what you want and lose when you're that busy.

Plastic surgery rumors

There is one other little not-so-secret weight lossmethod which Britney may or may not have used. Plastic surgery is common in Hollywood where Celebrities don't have time or patience to wait for diet. Spears has had a nose job, breast augmentation, lip injections and probably eyelid surgery, chemical peel and eyebrow redo.

It's often been suggested that she's undergone a tummy tuck and liposuction. Such cosmetic surgery could account for the super tight tummy. But regardless, the 34-year-old still appears to be in excellent shape, with toned arms and legs.