The 'Teen Mom 2' cast

The ongoing series "Teen Mom" plays ad nauseam. Maci Bookout is a new bride with three children; Farrah Abraham is an entrepreneur with several businesses that range from sexy toys to frozen yogurt; Amber Portwood is sober, strong, andstill dates her beau Matt; Catelynn Lowellbattles mental illnesses in order to save herself and her relationships with her husband and toddler. Even though fans glimpse into the lives of these grown women, they want to watch other "Teen Mom" cast members such as: Evans, Houska, Lowry, and Messer.

These women know the heartbreak of divorce, familial love, the drive to succeed and the challenges of young motherhood. However, us voyeurs will have to wait until the televised premiere. Before that time,take a sneak peak at their latest endeavors.

Jenelle Evans

She is a controversial character that understands the pain of physical violence, addiction, custody battles and miscarriage. In the past, her mistakes were laden with heavy consequences. Court hearings, turbulent partners, homelessness and instability are all documented throughout this reality show, but where is she now? Her serious boyfriend David Eason, their combined children, andcurrent pregnancyare her three main priorities. From her Instagram pictures and Twitter tweets, I think Evans has overcome hardship for important responsibilities at home and away.

Chelsea Houska

Loyal audiences know her as the sweetheart of the quartet. Even though she seems amiable and lovable, her past is covered with negative experiences. Her ex Adam Lind treated both her and their daughter with disrespect, and the constant arguments, cheating andbelligerence sank Houska into a depression. However, she decided to leave him for a promising future.

On October 1, 2016, she and her fiancé Cole DeBoer married in an intimatesetting. Now, her daughter has adevoted father figure, and the two newlyweds will give birth to their first child inFebruary 2017.

Kailyn Lowry

Lowry is a fighter and a survivor. Her past is littered with traumaticencounters, absent parents andchildhood poverty.

When she gave birth to her first son Isaac, her goals met action. Her children and career are her main concerns, andshe seems to love life. Sweet pictures of her family, beautiful vacations, and teamdominate her social media accounts.

Leah Messer

Before the age of eighteen, she parented twins with herfirst ex-husband Corey Simms. From thebeginning, MTV documented her struggles with anxiety, depression andscandals.The stress of two babies and adult obligations drained her emotions and exhausted her motivation. After her second divorce and third child, her issues became unmanageable, so she went to rehab. Now, the mother of threechooses a mentally, physically and spiritually healthy lifestyle for herself and her daughters. Despite her second ex-husband Jeremy Calvert's possible nuptials to girlfriend Brooke Wehr, Messer only has eyes for her babies.