Kate Gosselin has a reputation for being a strict disciplinarian, but did the wooden-spoon wielding Reality TV mom go too far this time? Gosselin, of TLC "Kate Plus 8"posted a picture of son Aaden Gosselin locked in a dog cage which raised a child abuse specter. Did the mom of sextuplets punish her son by shutting him in a animal crate? That's what folks worried. After all, this is the same mum who sent another sextie Collin Gosselin away to a "special school" to deal with his "anger issues."

Sextuplet Aaden has Stockholm Syndrome

If Gosselin was shaming Aaden for bad behavior by imprisoning him in a dog crate, he sure doesn't seem to mind.

He seems to have made friends with his fellow captive who happens to be the family pet Nanuq. Aaden is shown grinning with his poochy pal. Is he doing that thing kids do pretending to enjoy punishment? Maybe he's thumbing his nose at mom? Gosselin's haters were determined to make this into a bad mad mom thing. But the dog collar just doesn't seem to fit this time. She says the kid went willing into the dog cage after mom asked him to keep an eye on the animal while she cleaned. Kate clearly captioned her delight over Aaden enjoying quality canine time.

Who's over-reacting here?

Even still, said many, Gosselin should have her head examined for posting such a photo and leading people to believe it was child abuse.

Child Protective Services has investigated Kate before after the split with ex Jon Gosselin. Did Kate want to get reported to CPS? A couple of things here--there's no law against a kid sitting in an animal crate. He isn't technically locked in as he (being a human) can open the doggie-proof latch from the inside. Aaden may have even latched himself in to show a bit of solidarity with his caged friend.

If Kate was the monster mummy folks were suggesting, why would she share the photo on her Instagram? The would be kind of self-incriminating, wouldn't it?

Gosselin's questionable parenting

This is not to say Kate Gosselin doesn't have some dubious parenting methods. Probably the worst of which is keeping her eight children (twins and sextuplets) from seeing their dad after the divorce as Jon Gosselin has said.

She's been accused of exploiting her kids and her divorce for the show. And speaking of the show, Kate's also inordinately fond of keeping her kids in the public eye on reality TV, first in "Jon & Kate Plus 8" and now just "Kate Plus 8" (which she promises will be back for another season.) According to ex-boyfriend Jeff Prescott, Kate lied and exploited their relationship as well for ratings. So there are a lot of freebies from having your own show but is it worth the invasion of your children's privacy?