On the TLC Reality TV show "Counting On" Jinger Duggarcontinues to flout courtship rules giving boyfriend Jeremy Vuolo a 'verboten' full frontal hug. Meanwhile second eldest Jana Duggar discussed what she wanted in a woman for her twin John-David and her own longing for a man. And where were the Duggar parents? On a marriage retreat: Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar dispensed marriage counseling advice at a posh, $275 ticket couples' getaway as their molester son Josh Duggar began his reentry into married life after adultery, cybersex, porn addiction and sex rehab.

The Jinger-Jeremy courtship conundrum

Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar, formerly of TLC "19 Kids and Counting" have very strict rules on courtship (dating) with their children. These they say come from the Bible and include side hugs only, chaperoned dates and mom or dad firmly wedged between courting couples to keep hands off. Dad and mom managed to keep the most recently married couple Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald apart when they were dating, but Miss Jinger appears to be a bit of a rebel. She and boyfriend Jeremy Vuolo share a float at a water park and embrace and cuddle. Derick Dillardhusband of Jill Duggarreiterated the no-touch rules in case Jinger missed them, but she says they're doing courtship their own way.

"Cinderella" Jana Duggar still looking for prince

Jana Duggar is the oldest under Josh but she still unmarried and living at home. She said she's love to jump into marriage but the right guy hasn't come along. During his courtship with wife Anna, Josh Duggarsaid Mr. Right might be Jana's twin John-David Duggar When the twins chaperoned Josh and Anna, he joked that it was an incestuous "double date" and smirked that they were after all from Arkansas.

That came back up in sour backwash when Josh admitted molesting his own sisters (of whom Jana was one). As for her brother's potential mate, Jana would like it to be someone she can be good friends with.

Keeping up with the Duggars

Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar were guest speakers at a marriage retreat and their topic was "The Godly principals for keeping a vibrant, Christ-like marriage." With a son fresh out sex addiction therapy who admitted to cybercheating on his wife on Ashley Madison and in real life with a stripper and a reality TV show canceled because of it, it's curious that a church group would invite the Duggars to speak and on that particular topic. The Duggars seem determined to overlook everyone's discomfort with son Josh and keep him in the public eye