Singer and YouTuber, Acacia Brinley justlet her followers know that she's with child. Whether Acacia is famous or infamous depends on who you ask, but she's definitely had her fair share of controversial moments. Nude pictures were leaked by her ex-boyfriend when she was only 13. Since then, Acacia's dealt with constant harassment and hate from fans and other YouTubers. Her following is extremelyhuge, with over 600,000 subscribers on YouTube, 700,000 followers on Twitter, and 2,000,000 followers on her Instagram account. Now, it looks like Acacia is ready to settle down and become a mother, all at the young age of 18.

Music VideoAnnouncement

Yesterday, Acacia released a video on her YouTube channelfor her new song, "Times Like These." The video stars her and her boyfriend/baby daddy videotaping each other and sharing some of their moments together. It appears to have been shot exclusively in Los Angeles and both Acacia and her partner are singing. The songends with her boyfriend panning the camera down and revealing Acacia's positive pregnancy test. The music video currently has 22,000 views on YouTube. Watch the video below:

Acacia also plans to film a Q&A video where she answers questions about the pregnancy.

Who isJairus?

Jairus Kersey is a 25-year-old singer and songwriter.

He and Acacia have been dating for a little over a year and started a YouTube channel together in September 2015. On the channel, Jairus and Acacia vlog their lives, make challenge videos, and post music collaborations. The channel currently has over 126,000 subscribers.


The response to the pregnancy has been primarily positive from Acacia's fans and friends.

Since Acacia isn't showing at all yet, it can only be assumed that she isn't any more than 2 months along.

BothJairus and Acacia seem to be happy about the pregnancy, though it's unclear whether the couple planned this or not. The couple has also updated their Twitter and Instagram accounts to let people know about their future child.