This week on "General Hospital," fans see that Morgan Corinthos could be dead, but it doesn't look like that will be the way that it all goes down. Bryan Craig already confirmed that he is going to be leaving the show, which a lot of fans are sad to hear. Now speculation is going crazy, and it looks like Morgan might be recast. Friday was the last time that viewers will get to see Bryan Craig on the show.

What is going to happen with Morgan Corinthos?

It looked on Friday like Morgan Corinthos could have died in a fire, but instead, that probably won't be what happens.

It appears they are just using this as a way to get rid of Bryan Craig and bring in a new actor to handle the job. Spoilers are out that Morgan's body won't be found in the crash. Jason Morgan will end up getting his hands burnt while looking for him, though.

They are going to make it look like Morgan Corinthos is missing now. These leaves it where "General Hospital" can do so many different things. They will probably bring back Morgan, but it could be a few months or even years before it happens. You never know how long it will take, but it really doesn't look like Morgan is gone for good.

"General Hospital" put out a casting call back in September that sounds like it is for the role of Morgan Corinthos.

This new role sounds like it could be to replace Bryan Craig and it also says that they start filming at the end of October. This would be perfect time to bring back Morgan a few months after the big crash. So far, nothing has been confirmed, but fans can't wait to hear what is going to happen.

At this time, "GH" has lost several actors and the fans aren't thrilled about it.

Hopefully, they can find someone new to bring in for this role that they love, but it will be hard for anyone to like an actor as much as they did Bryan Craig in this role.

Do you think that "General Hospital" should bring back Morgan Corinthos as a new actor? Are you going to miss Bryan Craig on the show? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "General Hospital" weekdays on ABC.