Season 12 of "Grey's Anatomy" was, unfortunately, the last season for Dr. Callie Torres, played by actress Sara Ramirez, sending fans into a frenzy that Calzona, what fans refer to the duo as, is officially over. But what will happen with Arizona Robbins now that her ex-lover is gone? Will there be a new love interest in her life? Jessica Capshaw tells us everything!

Jessica states that she hasn't talked to Sara since she left the show

Season 12 of "Grey's Anatomy" ended with Arizona and Callie fighting over the custody of their daughter, Sofia, because Callie was wanting to move her and Sofia across the country to live in New York City with her girlfriend, Penny.

In the end, Arizona won sole custody, but after much thought decided to hand custody over to Callie, the reason being she didn't want to put their daughter through this mess. Callie then packed up and left.

Jessica says that she was shocked when she found out Sarawas leaving the show. She didn't even know Ramirez was officially leaving until after they filmed the Season 12 finale and she wrote a statement telling the cast of her decision.

"We all read her statement and it seemed like you could understand where she was coming from," Capshaw toldThe Hollywood Reporter.

Normally, when someone leaves the show, there is a tragedy with their character but with Callie, there wasn't, so her leaving the show was a surprise to everybody.

Since her character only moved across the country, fans thought she would eventually move back and hopefully Calzona, would get back together. But, unfortunately, this most likely won't be the case.

Arizona Robbins is going to have a new love interest

Aside from talking about Sara Ramirez leaving the show, Jessica also revealed that Arizona will have a new love interest.

She didn't reveal much except that she hopes that it's fun, sexy, and exciting. She hopes that there is some banter between the two to make it more fun, but hopes that things end up working out well.Capshaw also revealed that now since Callie and Sofia are gone, in Season 13, her character really starts to dive back into work again and gets really focused on that.

Although fans are devasted over Callie and Arizona's divorce, I think we can all agree that after everything Arizona has been through with the divorce and the custody battle, she deserves a little peace with a love interest. And hopefully, sometime in the future, there will be room for Callie and Arizona's relationship to arise.