Ryan Edwards wasn't believed to have attended the recent wedding of his former girlfriend, Maci Bookout, and her now-husband, Taylor McKinney, but according to a new report, Edwards received an invite, as did his parents. In photos from the event, Edwards was seen standing during Bookout and McKinney's ceremony, and the"Teen Mom OG" daddidn't look too good.

While Bookout looked stunning in a strapless rose gold gown with her hair in a knotted undo, Edwards appeared a bit disheveledand was seen with his sunglasses on. Without a smile in sight, Edwards stood up at his seat and showed off his straggly hair and unshaven face.

Having Ryan Edwards attend her wedding wasn't weird for Maci Bookout

Despite their past relationship, Bookout told Us Weekly, who shared her entire wedding album, that having Ryan Edwards on hand was "not weird." But that's not too surprising. After all, these two reality stars haven't been romantic with one another for about 7 years.Although Edwards and Bookout weren't seen interacting at all during the ceremony, Bookout and her husband did pose for a photo on the dance floor with Edwards' parents, Larry and Jen Edwards. In the photo, the McKinneys and the Edwards appeared to be having a blast as they danced together.

Ryan Edwards may be at odds with his parents

During last week's episode of "Teen Mom OG,"Ryan Edwards was seen acting quite out of character.

After his son paid him a Father's Day visit, Edwards was seen sitting on the couch with his eyes very bugged out. On Twitter throughout the episode, fans accused the reality star of being high and using meth. Many also suggested that the reason his father had kicked him out of the house was because he was using drugs. However, at this point, there is no physical evidence or confirmation of Edwards having used drugs during filming.

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