"Z Nation" started season 3 with a bang, along with a bit of confusion as to the timeline! It seems as if the premiere episode was a bit into the future and when the second episode aired last week, it picked up right where they left off last season. Even with the juggling of the timeline and having to take a few minutes topiece things together like a "Z Nation" puzzle, the show is worth staying in on a Friday night to watch!

Strange person -- odd town

According to the Xfinity menu tonight's "Z Nation" episode S3 Ep3, "Murphy's Miracle," Warren and her crew of survivors stumble across an odd character who is the sole resident in a "strange town." Now you know when "Z Nation" considers something strange, it really is strange because they have raised the bar on all things bizarre!

At the same time Warren, Doc, and their little group are getting acquainted with the quirky town, Murphy sets out to begin his new agenda of creating a world of Murphy-like subjects.

Season 3

The Den of Geek reports that "Z Nation" started out as a 13-episode show on SyFy for its first season then the channel ordered a season 2, but this time around they wanted a 15-episode season. The current season, or season 3, is 14-hours long for those of you who want to know what to expect from this comedy-horror offering!


In the premiere episode fans were introduced to "Man" a cool, calm and collected guy with a list. The previews of episode 3 indicate that he is now hot on Murphy's trail. That list contained names of people, one of whom the group happened upon, Dr.

Harold Teller. Warren and her crew helped this targeted victim fight off Man and his entourage. That was to no avail because Man got the good doctor, and whisked him away with the other folks he had on that list.

Last anyone saw of this group of no names with Teller, they were seemingly at an island paradise being presented to someone sitting poolside in a lounge chair.

No one knows what's up with this list or why Teller's name was on it, but it goes without saying why Man probably wants to get his hands on Murphy--forhis blood that wards off zombies!

10K stops counting!

What fans do know going into tonight's episodeis that 10K is on the run with Murphy through no fault of his own. Murphy bit him and now he can control 10K's mind.

10K has stopped counting his zombie kills, which is one way of knowing that he has become one of Murphy's "Blends" (half human-half zombie).

New world, new populations

The "Z Nation" world now has 3-sub populations. 1. Humans, who are self explanatory. 2. Blends, those folks who Murphy bites, turning them into someone like him. 3. Enders, these are humans whose brains have been fried and who run around like angry cavemen.

It seems as if the zombies may become extinct at their own hands. They are starving and they are now eating each other, so they might not be long for this world! The setting for the premiere of this season was 3-years post-zombies cropping up, so Murphy, Doc, Warren and the crew have been fighting off zombies and have been on a journey to the CDC for three years.

Another boat, another vaccine-seeking group!

Getting Murphy to the CDC is no longer the mission since it was found to be nothing more than a ploy. Their new mission is to capture Murphy, who is off and running with his new group of Blends, and put him on the aircraft carrier off-shore. This is where a group of world famous scientists are gathered and plan to use his blood to make a vaccine.

Missions clash

The team now knows about these scientists after running into one of the doctors on that team trying to capture Murphy. Because Warren and her crew's mission is to get Murphy to those scientists and Murphy's mission is not to go anywhere near those scientists, there is a clash of missions! Check out "Z Nation" tonight, Friday, at 9 p.m. EST on the Syfy Channel to see who wins out!