Haley Joel Osment, the haunted little psychic in "Sixth Sense" is all grown up and out. Osment showed shocking weight gain as a nasty kid in "Yoga Hosers" (which opened September 2016) with Lily-Rose Depp. The former protagonist is now the antagonist, as Osment transformed from creeped out kid to creep. The low budget comedy horror flick features Lily-Rose's dad Johnny Depp. Depp and Harley Quinn Smith are two yoga-loving party girl ghostbusters who battle the Bratzis (Nazi minion weiners). Talk about a "Sausage Party." Here's more on Osment's bizarre makeover.

Tiny 'Forest Gump' got big

Haley Joel Osment startled audiences with his ultra cuteness as the tot child of Tom Hanks in "Forest Gump." He went on to wow and further endear them in "Sixth Sense" as Cole Seaver who sees dead people. Osment proved at a young age what that he was an outstanding actor.

But at 28, Osment is finding it difficult to break into grown-up films. Pretty much all child stars, an exception being Ron Howard, are nodding their heads here. Hollywood adores the typecast--the more archetypal the better. Osment was the quintessential kid actor. And so followed a string of low-budget shows and movies in Osment's quest to get big.

Why Osment gained weight

Haley Joel isn't the first kid celebrity to gain weight.

Look at pageant and reality TV star Honey Boo Boo. Osment may not actually be overweight, but his stature makes him look obese. He stand 5'4" so any extra weight is going show as "fat." Further, as the slimy SS goon in "Yoga Hosers" (who thought of that name?), Osment may have exploited his pudginess. Being the good actor he is, he knows you have to get the look right.

Being the good actor he is, he knows you have to get the look right. So he may have put on extra weight to look the part and planning weight loss routine now that it's done. A badly fit suit and oiled-down hair helped. Normally, the "Sixth Sense" kid has been sporting a beard of late. That can hide an avoirdupois face, weak jaw or double chin.

But it can also accentuate facial bloating.

Lily-Rose and Johnny Depp team up

Lily-Rose Depp, at 17, is on the way with her film career. She played the dance phenomenon Isadora Duncan in "The Dancer" this year. Looking remarkably like another child star Dakota Fanning, Depp plays the intrepid Colleen Collette in "Yoga Hosers." This is the first Kevin Smith film in the series and Johnny Depp and daughter return for "Moose Jaws" in 2017, if rumor is correct. Johnny's son Jack Depp appears in the film as well.