If you like the zombie apocalypse shows, you've probably noticed there is one thing that kept its value in these shows when money, real estate, and jewels are rendered worthless. That would be the drug Oxycontin! The two zombie apocalypse shows airing new seasons right now, "Fear The Walking Dead" and "Z-Nation" have not only mentioned the drug, but in one of the series, they are manufacturing the drug.

Oxy hot commodity!

In "Fear the Walking Dead" Oxycontin has great value as Nick and his new friend are in the process of making their stash last by cutting the drug with another ingredient to stretch it out.

Its value on that show can keep them alive as they trade the narcotic drug for almost anything they need, like food and water. On "Z Nation" the Oxycontin is a drug that is used to get that high and numb the pains ailing people who are facing death around every corner. It is also one of the first things that is scooped up when they come across pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics on both shows.

Money loses value, but not the drug!

As the Washington Post indicates, it was early on in the first season that fans of "ZNation" learned there are two favorite currencies for trade during this zombie apocalypse and they are "bullets and Oxycontin." Despite this being as fictional as fiction can get, it is amazing to see that people put Oxycontin as a hot commodity once money and precious metals lose their worth!

The drug is referred to as "Oxy" on these shows and it's a toss-up when it comes to what has more value for the survivors. Oxy, firearms, and ammunition are the top currency when it comes to obtaining the necessities in life that are in the possession of other people. The Observer suggests that Nick cutting the Oxycontin with powdered milk is far from a "Breaking Bad" scenario.

Trying to fool the drug dealers who are slicing off body parts of people right and left is just one more danger he is courting on his death wish list!

Oxy value rises in post-apocalyptic times!

Heroin and other street drugs are hardly mentioned, except for the first few episodes of "Fear the Walking Dead," where Nick was withdrawing from his addiction.

His mother got to the drug stash at the high school where she used to work so she could have drugs like Oxycodone and Oxycontin to help wean Nick off his heroin addiction. She did this as the family was getting out of Dodge and fleeing the zombies.

Z-Weed apocalypse product

Of course there was the discovery of Z-weed for the people of "Z-Nation" and that is a substance that Doc and Murphy couldn't get enough of. It was probably one way to take a slight vacation away from all the horror around them that they call life today. While this is all fantasy and zombies are not about to walk the Earth, it is interesting to see how the different writers on the different shows eye Oxy as a valuable post-apocalyptic product!

The fact that the people who write these shows have the foresight to see that Oxy will be one of the hot commodities in an apocalypse-like setting says a lot about us as humans. Folks are willing to give up their food and firearms in a world that this could mean life or death to have their Oxy. Apparently the euphoria awarded to the user of these pills is worth its weight in gold in a zombie apocalypse. If you can't find comfort in the outside world, retrieving inward for some comfort by popping one of these pills is apparently the next best thing!