John Conner III was a dance coach on the Lifetime Reality TV show "Bring It." Now the former dance coach is behind bars and the reason is shocking. Conner has been accused of the statutory rape of one of his students. He has also been charged with exposing the underage teen to HIV, a criminal act because he knew that he was infected and failed to tell him.

Former reality TV dance coach held on $100,000 bond

According to court documents, Conner and the unnamed teen had sex on several occasions. Reports indicated that they also exchanged several very explicit messages which included nude pictures and conversation about the sexual things they had done together.

At the time of the encounters, the young man whose name has not been released due to his age was only 16-years old. John Conner was 26-years old at the time.

On Friday, Conner was arrested and charged with two counts of statutory rape by an authority figure and two counts of criminal exposure to HIV. John Conner did not inform his victim of his HIV status. According to the arrest affadavit, he was diagnosed in 2012. The same report indicates that the now-17-year old boy told police that the two were having sex. Conner is currently in jail in Shelby County, Tennessee sand is being held on $100,000 bond.

Teen boy told police about relationship with John Conner III

According to reports, Conner and the underage boy began chatting on social media last year then decided to meet up.

Their sexual relationship followed soon after. It was reported that Conner and the young man knew each other prior to meeting up. It is not clear if he was part of the Lifetime show "Bring It" or if he was a dance student of his at all. Based on the charges of statutory rape by an authority figure, chances are good that he has been his dance instructor at some point.

John Conner III was the coach for the Infamous Dancerettes on the Lifetime reality TV show "Bring It." Conner attempted suicide two weeks ago by swallowing as many as two bottles of pills according to his own admission, however what he ingested was not disclosed. Conner has since posted on Facebook and admitted to the suicide attempt but says that the charges against him are not true.