Colin Lawrence had a blast on the set of the CW hit show with his role as Dr. Gregory Marion in the highly anticipated season 12 opener "Keep Calm and Carry On." Born in London, England then brought up in Vancouver, he is known for his roles in the films such as "Fantastic Four", "X-Men 2", and "Watchmen". Recently the talented actor has been on the new hit series "Impastor" and "iZombie", and before that "The X-Files", "Stargate SG1", and "Smallville". Colin’s fans have much to look forward to with his upcoming spots in the TV movie remake of "Beaches", and his major film "Rememory" where he plays opposite Anton Yelchin, Peter Dinklage, and Julia Ormond.

Colin says "Supernatural" stars Jared and Jensen are super nice

Colleen Bement: I see that you've been in three episodes of "Supernatural". What was your experience like on the set? Is it as well-run and fun as everyone says it is?

Colin Lawrence: This show is always blast to work on! Jensen and Jared are the nicest most professional guys you could ever want to work with and this is clearly why the show is such a hit. The guys have a great sense of humor, but more than that, they have humility and are very genuine. It’s always a pleasure to work with them. And yes, the show is well run from the hair and makeup ladies to the grips, everyone works their butt off gladly!

CB: Tell your fans about your amazing upcoming film "Rememory".

What can you share?

CL: I can tell you it was a thrill to work with Peter Dinklage! I'm a huge "Game of Thrones"fan and his work is so incredible. Another wonderful actor on the show is Henry Ian Cusick ("The 100"). I was reunited with him after doing "The 100". We always have a great time working together. "Rememory" is a very compelling movie that I believe covers a topic that all of us wonder about, and in many cases wish we could replay memories.

Remake of "Beaches"

CB: I'm a sucker for a remake of the film "Beaches". I will definitely be seeing that one. What can you share about your character of Bryan?

CL: Yes! I get that response about "Beaches"! All the ladies talk about it with tears and smiles. The original definitely left an impact which I believe the remake will also do.

They have changed things up a little ethnicity-wise but the storyline remains intact. I worked with a wonderful director by the name of Allison Anders, she's directed episodes of "Orange is the New Black" and "The Mentalist". I'm so happy to say we'll be reunited when she directs me in an upcoming episode of "Riverdale" (CW's newest series based on the Archie comics).

CB: How did you get into the acting biz?

CL: My big sis got me into modelling and I guess the agency submitted me for a basketball movie called "Slam Dunk Earnest". I initially declined the audition but my then roomie was going for it and he coaxed me to go. I booked it! The role was a supporting lead and my very first experience in front of the camera.

I guess you could say I was officially bitten. Jim Varney, the star of the show was a great guy. He really made my first experience on set memorable and positive.

Richard Dean Anderson pranked on set of "Stargate"

CB: I'm a big "Stargate" fan so I have to ask, can you share any stories from the set?

CL: That was an amazing time, early in my career playing Major Warren. Richard Dean Anderson was a hoot, and was always pranking on set. He's got the greatest sense of humor. Amanda Tapping was just a great lady; down to earth and sweet.It was a tight team and they did such a great job with the storylines. The makeup, costumes and sets on that show were mind blowing!

CB: Baseball season's winding down and it's my favorite sport. If you were a baseball player and you were walking up to the plate to slam a home run, what would your "walk-up song" be?

CL: That’s easy..."I feel Good" by James Brown!