Priyanka Chopra after a successful stint in Bollywood where she had 2 big hits last year entered the American show world. She auditioned for the main role in "Quantico." The role was for an American girl, but Priyanka bagged it though she was an Indian. She is also the darling of the AD world.

Forbes list

Forbes has just released its list of the highest-paid TV actresses for this year and Priyanka is featured at number 8. This is a very creditable performance considering she has acted in just one serial. Her earnings are mentioned as $11 million.

However, all her earnings are not only from the TV serial but also for her endorsements and photo shoots.

Priyanka, despite heavy earnings, is way behind the leader 44-year-old Sophia Vergara who reportedly earned $43 million. These earnings were not only from TV but also from endorsements. Second on the list is Kaley Cuoco with about 24 million dollars. Priyanka has thus some catching up to do. The actress is on her way. She will now star in the sequel to "Quantico" with "Quantico" season 2. Shooting for this serial is to commence this month


Priyanka is also acting with Hollywood heavyweightsDwayne Johnson and Zac Efron in the movie"Baywatch." Dwayne is reportedly the highest paid star in America as per the Forbes list.

Priyanka is a newcomer to American show biz, but back in Bollywood, she is a top established star.With earnings touching 11 million dollars, Priyanka is the highest paid Indian actress. She is ahead of her rival Deepika Padukone, who is on the Forbes list of highest paid actresses at the 10th position with earnings touching 10 million dollars.

The future

The film "Baywatch" has already aroused expectations and her fans are waiting for its release. Her rival Deepika is also into Hollywood with her upcoming film "Return of Xander Cage." The success of Bollywood girls is good news and shows that the American TV and film industry is now global. This is the quality of American show biz and shows its versatility.

Meanwhile, Priyanka is basking in the sun with a host of magazines featuring her on their covers.