If you have seen the reality showSweet Home Alabama, which aired on CMT, you know who Paige Duke is and that her relationship after the show didn't work out. This show hasn't aired for a while, but fans have still been curious about Paige and if she ever found love. It turns out that she did find the one! The news came out that Paige Duke is now engaged to rodeo star Ty Murray. These two seem like they could not be happier in the pictures that were posted.

How did Ty propose?

Paige went to her Facebook page and shared the news that she was now engaged along with pictures of the ring and with Ty.

They went on a three-mile hike before he proposed. Paige shared the details of why Ty chose this place saying, "I had told Ty I wanted to get married on a mountaintop and he, like my mama, had said that would be super stressful and everyone wouldn't be able to hike up haha. Instead he said, I proposed to you on a mountain top!!" It was perfect for her and Paige could not be happier.

So far, Paige Duke isn't sharing any details of her upcoming wedding, but she just got engaged. Ty has been married before to singer Jewel, but they split back in 2014. He has been dating Paige Duke for over a year. The two have made it pretty obvious on social networks that they are head over heels for each other.

IsSweet Home Alabama over?

CMT never said the show was canceled, butSweet Home Alabama hasn't been back in a long time. They even tried a spin-off at one point, but that didn't last long either. Some of the couples did find love, but Paige Duke wasn't one of them. Her time on the show might have helped her to get to where she was that she met Ty Murray and ended up engaged to him.

Kelsey Smith ended up falling in love with CollinVarallo are still together and going strong. They are also engaged. They met on the show and fans were not sure they would last, but somehow this couple has made it work through everything.

Are you surprised to hear that Paige Duke is getting married to Ty Murray? Do you think that these two make a great match? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.