Looks like Abby Lee Miller isn't the only star on "Dance Moms" with a criminal record. Sari Lopez, themother of mini elite team member Areana,was once arrested for the delivery and possession of heroin, theft, and a DWI. Court documents from Cowlitz County in Washington State have been confirmed. Looks like maybe Lifetime producers need to do a little more digging before casting new members to the team.

A theft charge is what started it all

As far as we have been informed, her run-ins with the law started all the way back in 1995 on September 7th when Lopez, who went by Sari Disethat the time, was found guilty of possessing stolen property in the first degree.

The judge had initially sentenced her to four months in jail for her crime, but she was given an alternative sentencing of 30 days of her sentence to be converted to 240 hours of community service. And on top of that, she spent 12 months in community supervision and had to pay a fine of $660.

Then a few years later on December 28, 1999, Lopez was charged with a DWI. She was again found guilty and was sentenced to 90 days in jail, but her sentence was then later suspended.

Sari Lopez of "Dance Moms" dealt drugs before becoming a dance mom

On July 11, 2003, Lopez was then arrested for the delivery and possession of heroin. She and her then-boyfriend would perform the dirty deed together. Court documents state that an undercover officer had been "buying" heroin from them without their knowledge for the past few days, eventually making the arrest.

When Sari was arrested, the officers searched her car and found checks, visas, and an ID belonging to another woman all found in her purse. These items had previously been reported stolen a few days before Lopez's arrest.Sari Lopez pled guilty to two charges of the delivery and possession of heroin and one count of stolen property.

She spent 33 months in jail and spent another 33 months in community custody where she was required to adhere to drug tests to make sure she was maintaining a drug-free state.Aside from all of this, it is also said that she was once $200,000 in debt and had to claim bankruptcy.

Abby Lee Miller isn't so innocent either, though.

Abby pled guilty to one count of not reporting an international monetary transaction and one count of concealing bankruptcy assets this past June. She could find herself to be sentenced up to 30 months in prison.