According to some magazines, Angelina Jolie is worried because Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard could be in love. The French actress, who is with him in the new movie 'Allied', has become a very intimate friend of his.

The Actor Brad Pittis in love.

However, there is nothing official yet. One of Angelina’s managers told the press this was a rumor and has no foundation at all because they have been together for ten years and have six children together. The rumor started because some magazines and web pages began to compare both situations: the one in which Brad met Angelina during the movie 'Mr.

and Mrs. Smith', and this current situation, which is very similar.

In the movie 'Allied', we have a relationship very similar to the movie 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith', in which Brad ended his marriage with Jennifer Aniston. They also take into account that both actresses look similar, have successful careers and a French background, which complicates the situation.

'Allied' is a Paramount Movies Picture in which a spy falls in love with a French agent, and a few months later, finds out she is also a spy, so he starts to investigate her. She might be an undercover Nazi. The movie will be released November 23rd in the United States.

Also, during a report on 'Celebrity Dirty Laundry' this week, there was a comment about Brad and Marion getting very close during the filming in London.

Some other reports say that the relationship between Angelina and Brad has already ended because she was frustrated and jealous of Pitt'sromantic scenes with Marion Cotillard during the film.

Rumors About the Brad and Angelina Divorce.

In Star Magazine, they are sure that Brad Pitt could be in love with Marion Cotillard. Something is going on because, "They have a lot in common, they try to hide it but it is impossible." If we remember, in January there was a rumor in which the press said Angelina and Brad will announce their divorce.

A very close friend said that they no longer lived together and that they already talked with their kids about it, but nothing happened. In July, they were seen in The Griddle Cafe in West Hollywood with one of their children having breakfast. It is very difficult to know the whole truth about this situation. We will have to wait.