"American Horror Story" season 6 has offered up a backstory in Roanoke that will curl your toes. This old foreboding ark of a house that is situated in the middle of the woods once belonged to two sisters who were nurses. The house resembles a church more than it does a farmhouse, but when it was auctioned off itwaslisted as the latter.

Cheap accommodations for the elderly!

The two nurses, known only as Bridget and Miranda, were on the run from the law when they were wanted for the murder of two patients they cared for in the last facility that employed these two siblings.

Their taste for murder brought them to this out of the way farmhouse that years later a married couple, Shelby and Matt, would call home in "American Horror Story!"

As the "TV Fanatic News" reports, the two sisters opened a an assisted living facility in this house that was very cheap to place your loved ones in. Because of the inexpensive accommodations people flocked to their door with their elderly parents who were no longer wanted in their homes. It seems the criteria for acceptance into this house was the letter of the first name of the applicant.

Deadly spelling game

They needed names that started with the letters that would make up the word MURDER when put together.

The sisters had a field day with murder using almost every way you could imagine to snuff out these elderly peoples' lives. With every murder they would put the person's initial on the wall. The wall had M-U-R-D-E on it when the nurses disappeared. They were discovered missing when the cops finally did a wellness check at the house when one of the patient's relatives reported that no one would answer the phone.

Gone and never to be found?

The cops came to find murdered bodies, but no signs of the two Sister Nurses. As time went by the house was fixed up to sell, but no matter how many times they painted over the "MURDE" on the wall, it would come back. Finally some thick wall paper did the trick, which gets pulled off by Matt and Shelby years later when they own the home.

Killings not disclosed in house sale

So what happened to the nurses and why did they up and leave without finishing their bizarre task of spelling out murder? This story is expected to unfold as "American Horror Story" continues. The backstory on this house is not know to Matt and Shelby when they buy the house at auction and once they learn of the events that had taken place in the house, the confront the head of the bank who orchestrated the sale.

He not only did not disclose the horrific events that went on inside that house, but he had the address of the property changed so when people looked it up there was no way to research the house's original history. Matt comes across these two sister nurses one night just as they are killing a patient, but he believes they are real and they are only the ghosts of the nurses.

He watches as they then get all excited to add the "M" for murder on the wall. He starts screaming at the woman who is pointing the gun at the elderly woman not to do it, but she does and they go about this scene as if Matt wasn't there. Apparently in their world he isn't.

Killer nurses based on real 1980s story.

These two nurses are based on the real-life story ofGwendolyn Graham and Cathy Wood, who were a lesbian couple and nurses' aids, not nurses and sisters. They worked together in a Michigan nursing home when they fell in love. Back in 1985 to 1988 they planned and plotted the different ways they could get away with killing their patients.

According to the "Tech Times" the two women were crazy about each other and were dubbed "Lethal Lovers" once they were caught and charged with killing eight patients.

It was believed that they were selecting patients because of the first letter of their name. When put together the initial of their victims' first names would spell "murder." The two lovers were charged and sent to prison.