Angelina Jolieis divorcingBrad Pitt and many Celebrities are on the side of one or the other. The pretty actress has a strong personality that arouses love or hate. Many Hollywood stars have expressed their displeasure of Jolie, publicly or discreetly. Jennifer Aniston, Chelsea Hendler, Laura Dern and Amal Clooney are the most famous enemies of the star. Although Jolie has done excellent humanitarian work for UNICEF and adopted orphaned children from across the globe and given them a home, the actress is not spared from being marked by her past with drugs and alcohol.

A complex personality

Angelina Jolie is well know for her artistic talent, but also for having several dark areasin her personality as depression, having suffered through two suicide attempts, and drinking the blood of her ex-husband (the actor Billy Bob Thornton). Also a rumor that she kept incestuous relations with her brother James Haven, something that could never be confirmed. Anyway, she is a great actress who has shone in a multitude of films throughout her long and consistent career. In all those movies we can appreciate her versatility and the sensitivity with which she portrays the various characters, making her one of the best actresses of her generation.


Jennifer Aniston:she was married to Brad Pitt and they were the most important Hollywood couple at that time.

Pitt met Jolie while filming "Mr and Mrs Smith," they fell in love, and Pitt left Aniston. Jolie agreed to be a mother with the actor, something that Aniston never wanted. Since that time, both women have been linked in the tabloids, with many writers and news outlets wanting to play on the real or imagined tension between the two Hollywood A-listers.

Laura Dern:the actress was engaged to Billy Bob Thornton and she discovered that he was cheating her with Angelina Jolie. Dern and Thornton cancelled their engagement and he married Angelina.

Chelsea Handler:the brilliant comedian defined Angelina Jolie with one word,demon,she never wanted her as a friend.