There is so much universe to explore in No Man's Sky, but with such exploration, we find a very important detail almost since we started the adventure. Today we show you how to get the best multi-tool with 24 slots to add all kinds of improvements to your overall gameplay and gaming experience.

How to get the best items for thegameplay experience

If you have followed our guidelines to get the bestExo Suit with 48 inventory slots, as well as our guide in order to get the best ship also with 48 slots of inventory, you will recognize the pattern to continue getting the best multi-tool in the game, which has 24 inventory slots to add improvements.

In this case, they cannot be stored in the multi-tool materials.

Finding a scanner signal in the game

The first thing to do is to find a scanner signal, which is quite easy to recognize because they emit a beam of orange light. When we have seen this, we got off the ship, and used the scanner to find transmissions. Now we'll just go to the marked point, a base with a single platform for ships, enter the building and record the red box, which will be on the wall.

We can buy a multi-tool (probably) different from what we equipped, that will have at least the same inventory slots that our current multitool has. Now it's just a matter of repeating the process several times to find the precious multi-tool with 24 inventory slots, in which we can add changes that will make it more effective in general.

It is also possible to get better overall items examining the obelisks that are scattered by the planets, talking to the settlers that we find out there (yes, all very random), or in any case as a random reward. If you’ve already got the multi-tool of 24 slots, 48 hole ship inventory and an Exo Suit with 48 slots, also we will have our team on the highest level.

It may still be insufficient to explore the vast universe of 'No Man's Sky,'but at least we'll be in a better position than when we started our adventure. Watch the video below, and enjoy the game: