Bella Thorne of Disney "Shake It Up" fame, came out bisexual after photos showed her kissing a girl and apparently liking it. Fresh from a breakup with actor Gregg Sulkin, the photo of Thorne provoked comment. One intrepid fan popped the question: Are you bi? To which Thorne simply said "yes." Fans are praising the 18-year-old Thorne for the understated way that she came out--no banner waving LGBT agenda. Just a straightforward affirmative.

Bella Thorne; I'm the 'B' in LGBT

After the moment of truth, Thorne got tons of accolades on Twitter and social media for her "classy" announcement of her sexuality, even from non- LGBT people.

Whatever your sexual orientation, folks seem to appreciate you not waving it in their faces. It's not that people want you to hide it. It's not "don't ask, don't tell" exactly. They just don't want to be proselytized. A lot of people really don't care--gay, straight, transgender or any one of the 61 other sexual orientation configurations--is private and should be kept as such. Well, the majority of people feel that way. The Duggar family (the ones who kept secret an incestuous pedophile adulterer son), Westboro Baptist Church, and some other militant conservatives feel it's their job to keep LGBT out of hell and their communities. Another famous "Bella" Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan of "Twilight) came out as lesbian recently and she did it in a non-invasive way too.

She just admitted, finally, to having a girlfriend.

Another Disney kiddo all grown up

Bella Thorne joins other ex-Disney child stars in carving her own path widely divergent from roles she played as a child. Miley Cyrus has done everything in her power to disassociate from her role of "Hannah Montana." Lindsay Lohan has swung so far off the bell curve that she's unrecognizable from the days of "Parent Trap" and "Freaky Friday" and "Get a Clue." It's like these child stars have to constantly remind the world that they are not children anymore. Some of those transitions into adulthood have not been quite as simple as Thorne's LGBTsexual orientation reveal.