The Big Brother house was like a kid's birthday slumber party for the first few weeks. Competitions that were approachedmore like party games, the whole house following the leader of the week and behind the scenes it was really Paulie running it all. The cast finally started playing and Paulie's game was blown apart.

A houseguest refused to participate in a punishment

When Paulie realized his game was over, he was one of the worst losers we have ever seen on Big Brother. He happened to have gotten a punishment in the POV competition. He was supposed to put on his apron, bake an apple pie, and hang out in the kitchen for the remainder of the hour waving a flag.

For the first couple of days he didn't do it at all. When he finally started complying he did so reluctantly and with tears. By the end, however, we was doing it totally naked under his apron. Did Big Brother step in and give a consequence? Well, we don't know what went on in the Diary Room but we do know there was no penalty vote, etc. We saw no consequence for his bad sportsmanship.

Big Brother production finds the rule book in time to reprimand two houseguests

Yesterday morning James and Nicole had a conversation. They were talking about if either of them won they would like to give $10,000 to the ones in the Final 4 with them. Just a gift to congratulate their fellow housemates for getting so far and possibly having helped them get to the end.

Later in the day James told Natalie about the conversation.

According to the posts on Joker's Updates, the feeds were replaced with fish several times over this as Big Brother reprimanded James over the intercom. He was also called into the Diary Room to be personally reprimanded as was Nicole. Nicole came out of the Diary Room telling people that she would not give them a gift of any sort if she won the game.

She stated that she was told she had to say that on camera so there was no doubt.There is now talk in the house that James's game is now blown up because of the way Big Brother handled this with calling James out over the intercom for all to hear.

Why are different Big Brother houseguests being held to different standards? Isn't there one rule book that should apply to all?