Did Farrah Abraham post pics of her 7-year-old daughter in a bikini to pimp her MTV show "Teen Mom OG" or was there more to the "sexy" photo shoot? That's the Internet's burning question. And set it on fire, "Teen Mom" Abraham certainly did with her Instragam photos of little Sophia posturing in her bikini. Folks are in a flaming row over whether Abraham went too far in pursuit of ratings for the show.

Farrah Abraham takes heat over "hot" photo

The incendiary issue with Farrah's photo shoot is whether or not a kid should dress up to look hot. The girl's bikini is pink leopard print and shaped like any other little girl's suit.

It covers everything it needs to. So that's not really the problem as much as the way she is posed. Kids wear these swimsuits all the time and they don't necessarily have to dress like the reality TV Duggar family at the other end of the spectrum. But Sophia is wearing an overtly come-hither look that was downright flirty! She got her hand on her hip, her chest and bottom stuck out and the other hand on her hair, kind of like, one shudders to make the allusion, a porn star would pose. All that's missing is the thumb hitched in the tiny bikini bottom pulling in nearly off, like mama. Abraham flaunts it like that in racy photos all the time. Like mother like daughter?

Tarting up a child to sell "Teen Mom OG"?

Another hotly debated issue is whether a child dressed inappropriately should be used to promote a TV show. The Instagram photo is definitely promotional and bears the legend "Teen Mom OG premiers Monday, August 22." Does it send a message that the show is vulgar or that it exploits children?

The child was used to advertise the show and that in itself is a form of exploitation. Some fans argued that Farrah Abraham is a good mom and probably just showed poor judgement not bad mommying. She's not the only reality TV mother who is not above objectifying her daughter nor the only parent that lets them dress like promiscuous adult women.

Look at Mama June Shannon and other pageant moms on Toddlers and Tiaras. If there's any doubt that parents have no filter when it comes to kids and clothes, check out the huge assortment of "sexy" children's Halloween costumes sold each year.