It is time for the finale of ABC'sThe Bachelorette 2016 season with JoJo Fletcher and it is down to Robby Hayes and Jordan Rodgers. In addition to that last rose ceremony, viewers will also get a liveAfter the Final Rose special. Are JoJo and her pick still together and planning for a wedding, or could there be trouble in paradise?

WhichBachelorette suitor garners Fletcher's final rose?

According to gossip guru Reality Steve, JoJo Fletcher picks Jordan Rodgers over Robby Hayes during Monday's finale. Both men will get to meet her parentsandBachelorette spoilers tease that Robby actually impresses them over Jordan.

Both men get final dates with Fletcher as well and they both make it to the last rose ceremony. JoJo is seen in previews looking quite distraught, apparently torn between the two men.

Despite intense emotions, Reality Steve'sBachelorette spoilers share that JoJo and Jordan get engaged during this last episode and they were a couple for a while after filming wrapped. However, rumors are swirling that the relationship has faltered and may even be over.

Are theBachelorette lovebirds already broken up?

Some fans have been trying to poke holes in theBachelorette spoilers detailing that JoJo and Jordan ended the season together, but his older brother made a slip during a recent interview that seemed to confirm the pairing.

However, Reality Steve recently shared some disappointing news with fans. He says that he has heard a lot of rumbling that points toward Rodgers and Fletcher having already split.

In a recent blog post, theBachelorette spoiler king detailed that he had heard from sources that the couple may have already called it quits, but that he wasn't sure.

Subsequent tweets seemed to cement that JoJo broke up with Jordan already, even though the show and those involved aren't saying boo about a split yet. Will they admit this during theAfter the Final Rose special, or pretend that things are fine and split a bit further down the road?

Viewers have been hoping for a happy ending on ABC'sThe Bachelorette 2016 season and quite a few have figured for a while now that JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers would end up together.

If they really have split already, many will be quite disappointed and will be anxious to hear the details directly from the duo. Do you think JoJo picks Jordan and is currently happy and engaged to him?