"Pawn Stars" star Austin "Chumlee" Russell is half the man he used to be. The Las Vegas pawnbroker has shaved nearly 100 pounds off without surgery. Chumlee revealed his diet secrets recently. His jaw-dropping weight loss means that "Pawn Stars may need to retitle itself the "Biggest Losers." Between Chumlee and fellow cast member Corey Harrison, they've lost a scale-tipping 300 pounds!

Corey Harrison drops 192 pounds to outrun diabetes

"Pawn Stars" Corey Harrison once weighed over 400 pounds. His wakeup call to lose weight was the threat of Type 2 diabetes.

That's the kind of diabetes that you get by lifestyle choices, unlike Type 1 diabetes which you are born with. Harrison reasoned that if you can give yourself diabetes by unhealthy diet, you can outrun it by making better food choices. He's right --Type 2 diabetes is preventable, treatable, and reversible with weight loss and cutting out most sugar, transfats, hydrogentated fats, saturated fats, and carbohydrates.

Did you think only sugar caused Type 2 diabetes? Nope, processed foods and fatty foods are directly linked. First, Harrison had lap band surgery which he paid for through credit cards. That lost him 50 pounds.The other 142 he took off himself. Were you surprised that lap band surgery doesn't lose you more weight?

That is one of the misnomers about it. But it does at least start the fat dropping and give you confidence to follow up with weight loss routines. Actually, another surprise is that you have to get down to a certain weight before having many weight loss surgeries. If you're too obese, some won't work. So it's imperative to start healthy dieting habits immediately.

Chumlee shares diet secrets

"Pawn Stars" Chumlee started at a lower weight than Harrison, 320 pounds. He didn't use drugs or surgery to lose weight. He started a simple diet plan which eliminated processed food. The only processed thing he eats is mustard. And that brings up another set of food misunderstandings about how many things really are processed (just about everything!).

The Paleo diet for example, nixes a lot of grown, cooked, and man-handled food. You eat like your hunter-gatherer caveman ancestors! Chaz Bono went paleo and lost a bunch of weight. After dropping processed foods, Chumlee says now his mantra is "everything in moderation." And this common sense approach is working.