The lady never fails to surprise, and she does it the umpteenth time with the same results. Radhika Apte’s leaked naked scene once again becomes the talk of the tinsel town. It is a sign of the changing times for only a decade ago skimpy outfits of actresses had the moral brigade of the population going on the offensive and dragging the erring heroine to the courts.

Bold and beautiful

The talented starlet once again finds herself in the eye of the storm after a steamy love scene from her upcoming movie gets leaked.

The scene though tastefully shot, shows the star making love with Adil Hassan and Tanisha Chatterjee.

However, it created a huge hue and cry in India which treats the erotic sculptures of Khajuraho as art but not a seemingly innocuous scene depicting two adults making love.

Last year also the highly acclaimed star was dragged into an unnecessary controversy after a nude picture of her from an earlier short video went viral. The Kabali Girl has been much appreciated for her short clip which featured the scene mentioned above. The starlet is regarded as a good actress and is well known for screen enactments and also for her straight forward interviews.

The audience has loved all her movies but always found her trendingfor the wrong reasons.

Is it a publicity stunt?

It is after a long time we have seen an Indian actress with such raw beauty and sensuality. At times she often reminds viewers of the late Smita Patil who also displayed a sexuality not usually seen in any other woman. Skeptics, however, dub it as pure and crass publicity stunt to garner an audience for her movies.

Last year, leaked image on the web brought an angry response from the girl which later turned out to be a promotion gimmick when it was revealed that the lady had sent the rebuttal long before the pictures were released.

In her previouscinema thatwas declared a blockbuster and shattered all possible box-office records for an Indian regional movie, Apte was a seen wearing a saree throughout the film.