The first look official trailer of the Bollywood movie "Beimaan Love" was released on June 29, 2016. The film has none other than Sunny Leone in the lead role, and she will be romanced by Rajnish Duggal in this outing.

Like all the previous Movies from the actress, this project is too filled with ample skin show and this will be more evident if you analyze this one minute and forty-five seconds video.

In all probabilities, this flick is expected to fall in the erotic thriller genre. Yeah, we all know that most of the flicks from the seductive beauty belong to this category, and this time too, she has tried no different.

After all, we are all aware about the fact that Indian audiences love to see the ravishing glamorous display from the ex-porn star, and we can't blame directors for casting her in cliched characters.

According to credible reports, this picture will showcase more than two intimate sequences of this 35-year-old pretty doll. The tale is touted to be traditional with elements of revenge, love and betrayal.

Watch trailer:

It will be sheer foolishness if you predict a top-notch story in this feature, but we can make it sure that this Rajiv Chaudari will be a tailor-made visual feast for Sunny's fans.

As per close sources, we can confirm that the blonde starlet has enacted the character of a rich business woman.

Her male counterpart has also done a similar elite class role.

Soon, romance develops in between the two, but things takes an ugly turn when professional jealousy and ego gulps their lives.

Interestingly, Mark Webber, Leone's husband is making a guest appearance in this film. This new clip which is out now does not seem that impressive in terms of content, but it has that wow factor which is created by the heroine.

The makers have previously unveiled the another song, and it opened to mixed to negative reviews. This anticipated cinema will make its way to the screens on August 19, 2016.

Leone started getting opportunities for acting in India after she appeared in an Indian reality show.