If you have a Twitter account, know someone who has a Twitter account, own a phone or computer, or you live in America or England, then you have probably already heard of the term "gotta zayn". For those of you who do not know what this means, it originates from the popular boy band One Direction. Over a year ago, Zayn Malik, one of the five members of the boy band, left the group. This heartbreaking action sent every fan of One Direction spiraling into a world of sadness and confusion. It was almost as bad as when The Beatles broke up. However, this heartbreaking band moment spawneda new term in the Urban Dictionary.

It is the phrase, "gotta zayn". It is a replacement for saying "gotta go"because that is exactly what Zayn did. He left.

#gottazayn trending.

I would not be surprised if Zayn pulled a Kanye and ran up on stage, pushing Taylor Swift out of the way while she's exerting her two-thousandth Grammy, and shouting into the microphone, "Imma let you finish, but 'gotta zayn' has gotta go." Well, at least it seems that way nowsince "#gottazayn" is trending on Twitter. And yes, it is because of that NSFW video that fans thought showed Zayn sitting next to a stiffy. Fans were so shocked and disturbed by this that everyone started tweeting "lol #gottazayn" in response to viewing the video. A good thing did come out of this, though.

Thanks to this confusion, we now have the Top eighttweets from the "#gottazayn" hashtag today!

#1 sad face.

Sad face is sick of y'all gullible babes.

#2 - Micaela Coelho.

True though, this guy is probably both embarrassed and flattered.

#3 - Jenni.

Well, looks like Jenni can see my face because this is legit - what it looked like after learning what was actually trending.

#4 - @Hypcrt.

But honestly this me every day on the internet?

Still true, though.

#5 - Sammy Leighton Clay.

Pretty sure that's me as soon as I go on Tumblr.

#6 - Dee.


#7 - Queen B.

"B" must stand for "BEHAVE CHILDREN".

#8 - Michael Madaj.

Fur cap and all. At least I wasn't watching a video from a candle blogger.