American Horror Story” has become a popular phenomenon within pop culture. Its horror theme, mixed with the unusual style of changing the story every season, attracted millions to watch the drama filled spectacle every Wednesday night in the Fall. AHScreator Ryan Murphy hasstated that there arehints for newseasons in the show. This has sparked a massive hunt for the details among the show’s viewers for the season six theme.While most of the hints are well hidden, they cannot be kept from the keen eyes of fans possessed by the mystery that is “American Horror Story”.

The hints for AHS: Asylum in AHS: Murder House:

  • There are references to sanity throughout the entire season. Some examples are Ben asking "Is everyone crazy?" and threatening to put Larry in an asylum early in the season.
  • Vivien ends up in an asylum towards the end of the season.
  • Billie Dean talks about the energy in places akin to"prisons or asylums".
  • Ben tells Tate "I'm not your priest" and says that he can't absolve Tate for his sins.

The hints for AHS: Coven in AHS: Asylum:

  • Early in the season, Dr. Thredson calls the priest who performs the exorcism a witch doctor.
  • The songs "I Put a Spell on You" & "Love Potion No. 9" can be heard from the jukebox in Asylum.
  • Sister Jude tells Kit that she doesn't need a hat to fly out of the asylum, alluding to her being a witch the next season.
  • Lana wore ruby slippers during the Name Game, hinting to witches in the Wizard of Oz.
  • The Monsignor points out that cremation is a pagan practice, in regards to Mary Eunice. Lily Rabe, the actress who played Mary Eunice, went on to play a witch that was burned at the stake in Coven.
  • When Lana leaves the Asylum there is an overhead shot of the Asylum's front entrance that appears to be in the shape of the Minotaur's head. A Minotaur is featured in Coven as the lover of Marie Laveau.

The hints for AHS: Freakshow in AHS: Coven:

  • The word "freak" was used often this season. Examples are Fiona using the phrase "viral freak show" in reference to witches being exposed via social media, Myrtle calling herself a freak, Misty being called a freak in hell, and Queenie's shirt that said "FREAK" in large letters.
  • At one point Madison calls Nan "Mumbles the Clown".
  • Fiona tells Myrtle that "life is like a carnival".
  • Myrtle gave Kyle & Zoe tickets to Florida towards the end, hinting at the setting of Freak Show.
  • The overhead shot of Myrtle's shadow while being burned at the stake in the finale appeared to create a clown face.
  • Queenie had a pair of elephant earrings.
  • In the finale Madison says she's going "Back to Hollywood where everyone's normal". The last bit of Freak Show is set in Hollywood, where Elsa pretends to be a "normal" superstar, despite the fact that she has a dark past and is an amputee.

The hints for AHS: Hotel in AHS: Freakshow:

  • The top hats were the big clue in Freak Show. This alluded the film "Top Hat" which was set at a hotel. This clue also alluded to Lady Gaga's involvement, as the song "Cheek to Cheek" is featured in the film.
  • Elsa referring to her freaks as "little monsters" pointed to Gaga as well.
  • Stanley tells Elsa that his cousin works at the Garden of Allah Hotel in LA, and Elsa also clipped the film review for "The Garden of Allah" in the diner.


There is no solid evidence to confirm any clues in AHS: Hotel for Season 6.

Many believe the theme mayrelate to the antichrist or Nazis. There have been multiple references to both in all seasons. If it is based on the antichrist, it will most likely be set in the future. Thisgoes back to AHS: Murder House when Vivien was impregnated by Tate. In the finale, the baby was shown to be evil, and so AHS fans could be dealing with him in season 6.

However, there is a chance that it might reference Doctor Mengele, aka The Angel of Death, or Hitler as the antichrist, combining thetheories. There are also theories that the new season maybe set in a cabin, or involvealiens.

Whatever the new theme is, AHS: Season Sixis sure to be a success.