Have the Alaskan Bush People pulled a con job on America? It seems they may have left some tracks uncovered in the latest allegations.Multiple reports for months have shed a suspicious light on the Brown family who've successfully branded themselves as being a well-organized Wolf Pack who subsist on mostly natural resources and their own abilities to survive in the Alaskan bush country.

Ami Brown's mother the center of a calculated plot?

Another report places the Browns directly under scrutiny after some digging into the recent storyline revolving around the clan's matriarch, Ami Brown.

Her 83-year-old mother, Earlene Branson, had a dying wish to see her daughter and attempted to visit her in Alaska only to discover she – and the rest of the family – weren't in the state. The 9-member clan had gone on vacation to Hawaii.

A sleuth put together some interesting information that practically discredits the Browns and Ami's estranged family. The world of social media is a powerful tool and Ami's brother, Les Branson and cousin, Charles Gilbert, reportedly belonged to manyAlaskan Bush People Facebook fan pages. They made it known back in June that Earlene was planning a trip to Alaska.

When Earlene made her journey all the way to Alaska when the Browns were gone, a local who belonged to one of the show's Facebook pages, had a barbecue for her so that she wouldn't leave without having some kind of hospitality before heading back home to Texas.

Facebook administrator grows suspicious

It seems that Earlene – affectionately known as “Memaw” – was used in a publicity stunt. An administrator on one of the fan pages reveals that the goal here was playing on people's emotions. Not only were the Browns aware Earlene was going to visit Ami, but Les already knew the Wolf Pack would be in Hawaii.

But wait, there's more. Gilbert financed Earlene's trip to Alaska, but it appears he was with the Browns in Hawaii when he was supposed to be taking her back home. Ami's cousin wrote an odd post that “he needed to hypothetically know the quickest way to get from Maui back to Juneau.” The post has been deleted. In addition to that, Les Branson and Charles Gilbert removed themselves from the Facebook pages they once belonged to.

More lies

If none of this is enough, Ami has been in contact with her mother the last 30 years. Claims are being made that Ami and her husband, Billy Brown, were in on the scheme, too. They were all part of convincing the public that there would be a reunion between Ami and her mother. Twila, Billy's long-lost daughter, was a member on one the Facebook groups. She was aware of Earlene's visit to Alaska and was with the Browns in Maui.

The Browns have been accused of lying about the true relationship of other family ties, such as Billy Brown's own storyline involving his estrangement from daughter, Twila. Other sources have come forward saying that the Browns secretly spend their nights at a hotel in Hoonah, Alaska when not taping the show.

In all, this story just doesn't add up. Is the Alaskan Bush People one big con job?