Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert are reportedly headed for divorce. The shocking report claims that Tamar is the reason for the split. After 8-years of marriage, Vince is said to have proof claiming that Braxton cheated and now he's ready to walk away.

According to B. Scott, Vince confronted Tamar about the cheating allegations after hiring a private investigator to get to the bottom of his suspicions. There were reportedly two other people there when Vince exposed the new information that he had about Tamar's extracurricular activities and it was said that their argument got so bad that they ended up paying off the witnesses to keep it all quiet.

Will divorce news kill Tamar's reality TV career?

Will news of Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert's divorce cause problems for their TV shows? Some sources say that this latest incident may be a problem. With all the current drama and cheating accusations waged at Tamar herself, it would be near impossible for Tamar and Vince to appear on reality TV without the subject of their marital problems coming up.

Tamar made waves just months ago when the singer-turned-reality star was fired from her co-hosting job at "The Real." Never short on the drama, rumors swirled about why Tamar was let go with many claiming that she was just too difficult to work with. Others argued that her co-stars were behind the firing.

Vince Herbert wants full custody of Logan.

From the looks of it, Tamar Braxton has lost her job and possibly now her husband and all of it may be her own fault. There are even reports that Vince wants full custody of their son as well. He reportedly has claimed that Tamar is too busy with her glamorous life and hasn't been bothered to take care of her life at home.

Will Tamar take action to fix things before she ends up battling for custody of Logan?

Right now, Tamar Braxton is in the middle of a marriage crisis and many wonder if she'll be able or even willing to fix it. Whether or not the cheating allegations against her will ruin what is left of her career and possibly even lose her custody of her son is still up in the air.