The late Muhammad Ali's son Ali Jr., is in debt to the Chicago mob who are now coming after him hard since the death of his father on June 3rd. The gangsters are looking to get paid what they are owed and then some from Muhammad Ali's estate after the inheritence has been doled out to his children.

Sources close to Muhammad's family have revealed that his son owes the gangsters money for drugs he was supplied with and they are threatening to take whatever they want from the Ali estate which is estimated to be around $80 million. "Everybody wants a piece of him" the insider reportedly stated.

Ali Jr., 44, is one of nine children the boxing legend fathered during his four marriages.

Muhammad Ali died last month at the age of 74 following hospitalazation due to a breathing issue. Ali Jr., has been estranged from his father for several years up until his death believing his father's fourth wife Lonnie was responsible for keeping the two apart. Muhammad, who was diagnoised in 1984 with Parkinson's disease lived a comfortable life thanks to his success in boxing and world championship title, while his namesake son grew up poor in a seedy part of Chicago.

Ali Jr. may lose all his part of father's estate to drug debt

The neighborhood of West Englewood is described as rundown and poor with houses falling apart, and people living without basic needs such as hot water.

The majority of people living there are crack addicts and drug dealers. Ali Jr. claims that since he was cut off by Lonnie he has struggled to feed his wife and two children, often relying on food stamps and handouts to get by.

His freinds describe him as a devout Muslim, and is said to smoke weed heavily when he has money adding that his drug habits are to blame for his debts.

Those closest to him say he is in heavy to the mob, they are not sure how much, but enough to live in constant fear over. The gangsters are well aware that he is Ali's son and will inherit a large sum of cash from his will.

Not only does he have the mob pressuring him, he is also being bombarded by so-called friends who approach him daily in hopes of getting their hands on some of his cash soon.

They are also givig him drugs so that he will be indebted to them, Ali Jr. has recently flown out to Los Angeles to meet with his siblings about their father's estate, which Lonnie is in control over.

It appears as if Ali Jr.'s biggest threat lies wihin the hands of the Chicago gangsters who are plotting as we speak to get their hands on his cash, sadly though this is not his only worry, it is said his wife has been waiting for this time to come so she can walk away from him with a huge amount of money.