For a little over two years, John Oliver has been the voice of reason in the mainstream media. His HBO show, Last week tonight with John Oliver has continued to tackle some of the biggest issues plaguing America and the rest of the world. His hilarious and unapologetic take on matters big and small has captivated the world and revolutionized the true meaning of providing 'news' to the public. In his latest episode, Oliver talks about the folly of Brexit and the disastrous doping scandal polluting the prestigious Olympic games.

The beginning of the end.

The European union has been in the middle of a serious crisis for quite some time now and the immigration problems only added fuel to that fire. Britain decided to take a strong stance on the issue and exit the EU, thereby jeopardizing the stability of the entire continent. The people voted in favor of the exit, although the margin was extremely small, almost negligible.

Immediate regrets.

Oliver focused on the immediate regret plaguing the bulk of the population as soon as the results came out, showing a clip of a woman who wished she could take her vote back. He went on to point out that this type of behavior is extremely pointless as people had clearly rushed to make a big decision, despite knowing full well that the effect on the system would be immense.

The segment even included a hilarious piece involving pro-Brexit British ministers quoting from the soon-to-be-released sequel of Independence day.

Flexing those artificial muscles.

The Olympic games are nearly here again, and instead of patronizing his audience by talking about everything glorious about these historic games, Oliver chose to focus on the doping scandals that seem to be getting worse with each passing edition.

He began the segment by highlighting the many athlete profiles doing the rounds on American news networksand discussed how untruthful these profiles can be when you consider the larger scheme of things.

Bureaucratic mess.

Oliver then went on to explain how thoroughly convoluted and over-complicated the procedure is when it comes to keeping athletes in check.

He used the example of the Russian system which is probably the most affected in the current doping scandal. He went on to break down the bureaucratic mess plaguing the nation and called out the numerous officials openly supplying illegal substances to many of the country's finest athletes. Oliver points out that Russia is only one of the countries facing this problem today. U.S, China, and many other bigwigs are also having a tough time regulating the doping issue and it has gotten well out of hand at this point.

Poignant points.

Oliver, as always, went on to close the show by making a poignant point using his wit and humor. The show created a more truthful version of the athlete profiles we see so often on news channels these days. This one included an animated couch quite intent on providing the best supplements to his star athlete. You can catch the entire last segment of this episode here.