India's Got Talent is one of the most popular reality shows in the Indian prime time, and last week, Salman Khan came to the show for promoting his movie Sultan.

The actor had a gala time during the event, and he literally exhibited his unquestionable charisma which impressed the viewers and judges alike.

But interestingly, during the show Sallu was noticed avoiding his sister-in-law Malaika and this has raised thoughts that things are not okay between them.

Pictures of this play are now going viral on the Internet, and it clearly indicates that he has been so cordial to everyone on the sets except the wife of Arbaz Khan.

Close sources to the channel stated that the Muscular hunk was seen enjoying throughout the promotion phase, but he did not say even a hi or hello to Arora.

Problems between them are still unknown, but tabloid writers have concluded that something is not going right between the Celebrities.

The actor has also made sure that he is not sitting next to Malaika during the program.

What exactly happened:

The Co-ordinators secretly claim that this has been done by the Superstar to avoid talking with the Muni Badnam Hue actress.

Salman neglected the presence of his sister-in-law throughout the show, but he was seen cracking jokes with Kiran Kher,Karan Joher and others present.

This means that the silence from his end was not accidental, but was a purposeful one.

Sallu is now a happy man, as all his promotional works arranged for Sulatan have turned out to be fruitful. The ultimate winner in the Eid race is this Ali Abbas directorial, and it is now spinning enormous amount of money in theaters all over the world.

The major highlight of the feature is nothing other than the unique portrayal of a wrestler by the Muscle Khan on screen.

Malika, along withtheir son,was staying away from her husband for some period, and there were rumors of their split, but looks like they have reconciled now.

So, what do you think is the real problem between these two? Share your thoughts in the comment box.