Anna Kendrick is indeed known for her being the most real person on social media. She is also known for her snarky comments, and her followers love that about her. Somedays back, Anna Kendrick said she will never be like Taylor Swift with her fans. And now, in her recent interview together with her Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates co-stars, she passed dirty comments.

Anna Kendrick'spress tour with her co-stars

The 30-year-old actress, together with her co-stars of the upcoming movie Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates, Adam Devine and Aubrey Plaza gave Vanity Fair the “Most Foul-Mouthed Interview Ever” three-minute video clip, which seemed to have used up the media outlet's entire stock of aggressively censoring beeps.

It was said to be the grossest masterpiece that the media outlet has ever had. The interview itself was wild. Why? Because Anna Kendrick and co-star Adam Devine gave out straight dirty answers to the questions, while Aubrey Plaza hilariously deadpannedthroughout the entire scene.

In line with this, thefilm currently positioned itself as the newest, biggest, and most vulgar studio comedy -- putting aside the Zac Efron and Robert De Niro starrer Dirty Grandpa.

Anna Kendrick's research methods and other dirty things

In the three-minute video clip, Plaza could be seen mostly on-brand, meaning a lot of eye-rolling and fewer words, while Devine gamely played along. He discussed his pubic hair in an obscured but graphic manner.

On the other hand, Anna Kendrick, who had never given many illusions that she truly cared about other people's proprieties, had stood out. She opened up the interview with a discussion of her methods of research for the movie.

The actress drily revealed that she spent a lot of time looking at horse phalluses. She even added that she looked at horses f*** other horses.

Later on, there was a digression regarding co-star Devine's "little rabbit" phallus. It was said that there were more words bleeped as the stars referred to animal junk.

Anna Kendrick's 'Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates' plot line review

Although Anna wanted to play Marvel's squirrel girl, her role in the movie Mike And Dave Need Wedding Datesis totally different.The movie portrayed young, fun-loving, and adventurous brothers, Mike and Dave Stangle, who had the tendency to get out of control at family gatherings.

When the duo's sister revealed her Hawaiian wedding plans, the rest of the Stangles insisted that the two brothers bring respectable dates. Therefore, after placing the ad on Craigslist, they picked Alice and Tatiana, who were seemingly normal and charming women. It was then when they arrived on the island that the brothers realized that their dates were ready to get wild and party.

The Jake Szymanski directorial was a temper tantrum of a comedy film. It showed more" raunch-until-you-drop yukfests." There was a pileup of well-worn insults, pain, sexual shenanigans, and rude humor. Viewers would get to see another characterof Anna Kendrick as the movie hit the theaters on July 8, Friday.