Mohankrishna Indraganti's Telugu romantic thriller Gentleman has already made a very decent box office collection in the first week itself. The movie is produced by Sridevi Movies, and was co-written by Mohan Krishna and R. David Nathan. In Gentleman, Nani plays the hero, while Surabhi and Niveda Thomas play the female lead roles. Mohankrishna had introduced Nani eight years ago in the movie Ashta Chamma. Gentleman had collected $603k by Tuesday in the US alone and is dashing towards $1 million mark.In India, it had garnered Rs 19.2 crore ($2.88 million) by last weekend.

After juggling with titles such as Uttamudu and Manchivadu, the director choseGentleman, with the tagline "Hero? Villain?".

Story of the movie.

Gentleman is a very interesting story about two love birds, Goutham (Nani) – Catherine (Nivetha Thomas), and Jai (Nani) – Aishwarya (Surbhi).The story unfolds as Aishwarya, the daughter of a rich man and Catherine, a VFX artist meet on the same flight from London to Hyderabad. To kill time, they tell their love stories to each other.

While Catherine is in love with youthful Gautham, Aishwarya's fiance Jai, a look-alike of Gautham is the son of a rich businessman.

At Hyderabad airport, Aishwarya and Catherine is met by Jai. Catherine is surprised to see Jai, who is a look-alike of Gautham. She meets an investigative journalist Nithya, who doubts that Gautham was murdered.

They suspect Catherine's uncle David to be the killer of Gautham. Catherine reaches the hospital to find out Jai has kidnapped David. Nithya finds out that Jai's uncle Mohan committed suicide on the very day Gautham was killed. The duo decides to spy on Jai. On Aishwarya’s recommendation, Catherine gets a job in Jai’s office.

Finally, Catherine finds out the truth about Jai. The suspense will keep you engrossed until the end.


Nani plays the double role of vulnerable Jai and menacing Gautham very nicely.The viewer will definitely enjoy the sizzling chemistry between Nani and Nivetha Thomas on-screen. Surbhi also plays her part very well. P.G. Vinda’s cinematography and Mani Sharma’s music and background score are excellent.

Architecture student Nivetha Thomas has acted in Tamil and Malayalam movies too.

Niveda Thomas has pulled off a stunning performance and is considered to be a big find for Telugu cinema. The Malayalam actress hails from Kannur, Kerala, but is also at home in Hyderabad. She managed to i learn to speak Telugu.

This is her debut movie in Telugu. She has acted in a bunch of Malayalam and Tamil movies. She started her acting career at the age of eight. She got the chance to act as the daughter of Kamal Haasan and Gauthami in Papanasam. Presently, she is pursuing her degree in architecture in Chennai. She will be heading back to college as her semester starts in July. Whenever she finds time from cinema and studies, she rides her favorite bike ‘Bullet’.