Be careful: spoilers on Game of Thrones season 6 finalewill follow. Fans always dreamed of a revenge for the Red Wedding and finally the time has come. The spoilers reported in this article appear to be credible: the leaker whowrote down on Reddit what is going to happen at The Twins already predicted many of the last episodes' events, and moreover, the well-known leaker Truede already confirmed that the following spoilers correctly describethe events in Game of Thrones season 6 finale.

GOT season 6 finale spoilers: Walder Frey is going to die.

Here's what the leaker predicted for GOT season 6 episode 10: "Arya serves Frey Pie at the Twins in episode 10.

She kills Walder Frey". According to this leak, we will see Arya again in Westeros in the next episode of GOT, very possibly in disguise: she's probably going to kill the old and cruel Walder Frey approaching him with a new face.

You may point out that Arya was still in Braavos in episode 8, but we saw a lot of characters "fast-travelling" this season; therefore, it looks plausiblethat Arya will already be at The Twins (the Frey's castle located between The Trident and The Neck) in episode 10.

What is the "Frey Pie"?

We have a theory about what the Frey Pie could be. In the A Song of Ice and Fire book series, according to a fan theory, Wyman Manderly serves 3 huge meat pies during Ramsay Bolton's wedding at Winterfell.

According to the "Frey Pies" theory, Lord Manderly killed the 3 Freys who vanished on the way to Winterfell and baked them into 3 big meat pies. Many clues in A Dance with Dragonssuggest that this theory is true; considering this, we can speculate that what the leaker is predicting ("Arya serves Frey Pie at the Twins") is that Walder Frey is not the only Frey she's going to kill...

How will Walder Frey die?

Maybe it's just a coincidence, but during the Red Wedding the Starks were hit by arrows and Tywin Lannister was killed by Tyrion with a crossbow, and Robb was stabbed by Roose Bolton, who died stabbed by his son Ramsay. Tywin and Roose Bolton were both killed in their own houses, just like Walder Frey is probably going to be.

Since the Freys killed Catelyn by slitting her throat, is Arya going to kill Walder by cutting his throat as well? Reddit user Kaztrator recently presented this theory; although it's just a hypothesis, we think he may actually be right about the way Walder Frey will die.

Don't forget the air date of Game of Thrones season 6 finale: the last episode of this season airs on June 26 on HBO.