Singapore Airlines (SIA) has joined the Transportation Security Administration’s PreCheck program. Now the Singapore citizens can apply for the Global Entry Program, besides the US citizens and its permanent residents and citizens from countries like UK, South Korea, and Germany. As per the regulation of the Department of Homeland Security, a passenger has to pay USD100 (SGD139) for a five-year membership. SIA now becomes the first Asian carrier to join US expedited screening TSA PreCheck.

Access to expedited screening lanes at over 180 airports in the US

The screening will no longer be an irritating matter as it would be speedier for low-risk travel. The member after successfully applying will get a Known Traveller Number (KTN) that the airline will receive during booking or check-in. The TSA PreCheck logo will be stamped on the boarding pass. There will be expedited security lanes at over 180 airports in the US; consequently, the passengers won’t have to wait in the queue. They won’t be asked to put off shoes, jackets and other things for security checks.

Travelers to have self-printed or mobile boarding passes

The passengers traveling to and from the US will be allowed to have the option of self-printed or mobile boarding passes, stated Singapore Airlines.

The passengers will get the facility in coming months. Passengers without check-in bags can also check in online to pick up their flight. Passengers having KTN can also take along children aged 12 and under with same benefits of TSA PreCheck.

Tight screening to thwart terrorist attacks

In view of the growing security threat owing to the terrorist attacks by Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and other radical outfits, airports world over have beefed up vigilantism and as such, screening process has been multi-layered.

A fear that ISIS could soon come up with the technology to build a bomb that could be hidden in a laptop, the US and British officials announced a ban on electronic items larger than a cellphone aboard certain direct inbound flights in March.

Number of carriers in TSA PreCheck program goes up to 37

Along with Singapore Airlines, Copa Airlines, Dominican Wings, InterCaribbean Airways, Silver Airways, Swift Air and Turkish Airlines also joined TSA PreCheck program.

With the inclusion of these seven Airlines, total 37 carriers are now part of the TSA PreCheck program.

Huban Gowadia, TSA’s acting administrator, in a statement says, “We are committed to aviation security and improved passengers’ ease, and in that direction, we will see to that TSA PreCheck gets expanded to more airlines.”