Be careful: spoilers on Game of Thrones6x10 will follow! Truede, a well-known leaker who correctly predicted a lot of season 6's events, revealed Tommen Baratheon's fate in GOT season 6 finale, and another leaker described what will happen to Tommen in detail. If they are right, the Seven Kingdoms will be thrown into chaos.

Truede's prediction about Tommen Baratheon

Truede's predictions on Reddit about Game of Thrones'previous episodes of season 6 clearly demonstrate that he actually has seen episodes of this season before they were aired, and he also successfully leaked True Detective spoilers in the past.

In his predictions, Truede claims that a lot of characters will die in the season 6 finale: “Don’t wanna spoil all of them but Tommen does die,” Truede says.

Another leaker predicted the way Tommen is going to die

A Reddit user 43 days ago posted some spoilers about season 6 provided by an unknown leaker. A lot of details featured in the leaked plotline turned out to be true, and the very few details which weren't correct described almost precisely what was going to happen in season 6. We cannot be 100% sure of this information, but according to the leaker, he doesn't know what happens to Loras and Margaery, but "Tommen kills himself. He apparently jumps out of a window in the Red Keep."

Tommen is overwhelmed by his responsibilities, he's been manipulated by a lot of characters and he will probably see someone he knows dying in the next GOT's episode.

Considering this, a suicide is a credible event. On the other hand, if the wildfire theory is true (check our previous article for furtherinformation), he may be forced to jump out of a window hoping to escape a certain death.

Tommen's death in theGame of Thrones season 6 finale is quite probable. Maybe he will jump out of a window, maybe not, but King's Landing will be thrown into chaos, there's no doubt about that. Don't forget the air date of the most-awaited episode 10 of Game of Thrones season 6: the next installmentairs on June 26th on HBO.