New Tarzan movie is coming very soon to cinemas. The new movie The Legend of Tarzan will be released on the 1st of July, the plot of the movie is that Tarzan is going back to the jungle, he has been invited back to serve in the Parliament and will return with his wife Jane (who is played by Margot Robbie) at his side. The plot takes a twist in that Tarzan does not realize he is being used for greed and revenge and has no idea what he is getting involved in.

Tarzan movie to be biggest adaptation ever!

The new film has been filmed in parts of Hertfordshire which is in South East England.

This adaptation is set to be the biggest adaptation ever made, it had a budget of $180 billion. Previous adaptations include Disney’s adaptation which won an Oscar and Greystoke’s 1984 adaptation.

The film The Legend of Tarzan has been helmed by David Yates who was the director of the final four Harry Potter Movies. One of the huge projects involved in this film is the building of London’s Downing Street, which is being constructed.

New Tarzan movie tells story differently to other adaptations

Alexander Skarsgard (who will be playing Tarzan) has said “It’s obviously a classic, epic tale and it’s been told many times, but it’s almost always the original story of him growing up in the jungle”. He explains that this production will have a different feel, “In this one, although there are flashbacks to when he’s a child, the emotional journey isn’t the man from the jungle trying to adjust to life in Victoria London, it’s quite the opposite.

When you first meet him he’s in England and he’s Lord Greystoke, very civilized, a British lord. Then he goes back to his emotional home, the Congo, and it’s the dichotomy between man and beast. He’s got an amazing wife, a fantastic manor, a really good life on the surface but he’s not really happy, he’s not really himself there.

I think it’s something we’re all dealing with.”

The jungle filming of the movie is very complex and has been revamped 4 times in order to be able to create various jungle scenes, every time they have to change the jungle set it takes 2 weeks, so is a long process.