The reality sar Kylie Jenneris without makeupon the cover of Glamour magazine, UK edition from next June. The young model is amazing with a natural look. She also gave an interview to the famous magazine where she said surprinsing statements. She considers herself a feminist because she makes her own money and her own businesses, she doesn't depend on a man or anybody else and she feels that she is an inspiration for young girls. Jenner is the owner of two fashion lines: one with Puma and another with Topshop (bags).

Independent girl

The beauty told the magazine that when she started to earn her own money, she has paid for everything: houses, clothes, and cars.

The reality star also said that she likes to take control of her expenses, so she feels more secure. Jenner was described asdigital royaltyby Glamour magazine,due to her great success in social networks, where millions of teenagers follow her and want to be like her. So Jenner is a role model, thanks to her beauty and charisma.

Her future

The model plans to continue in the 'Keeping up with the Kardashian' show until its end. Then she wants to focus on her Kylie Cosmetics line and not to increase her media exposure. Thebig surpriseis that she wants to retire from fame when she is 30-years-old. Then marry, have children, and live on a farm in Malibu. This may be the best choice for a girl who was famous since she was a child.

Kylie is curious for a normal life, far from the media,but for now she wants to continue enjoying the benefits of the various spotlights.

It's difficult to imagine Kylie having a normal life, after years of a total exhibition of her privacy. But certainly within 10 years there will be 'new Kylies' willing to do anything to be famous and conquer Hollywood.

Also, there will be worried parents fighting against that, preferring that their daughters study at the University or pursue other interests. Whatever the future may hold for Kylie Jenner further down the line, there's no denying the level of success she currently enjoys.