This week on a new "Storage Wars" season 9 continued with an episode titled, "The Lion of Lancaster." While Ivy was on his home turf, the other buyers were looking to shut him out, especially Dave. At the start of the show while Hester is driving to the auction he claimed a $30,000 profit from two previous units earlier in the week. Dave doesn't think the first unit in Lancaster has much to offer. He bids up some of the other buyers on the next few units, but doesn't end up with any lockers for the day and makes zero profit.

Rene Nezhoda

Rene buys the first unit for $400, despite his claim of not being very interested in anything besides running up the other bidders, especially Ivy.

He finds some vintage Nintendo video game units, some kitchen and household items, bars of soap and some rugs. He also finds an old Windows 7 computer with a monitor for $100 and some clothes. He finds a zippered case that says Hapi, which he first says is probably a drug box. The expert at Awakenings that he takes the Hapi mini steel tongue drum to says its worth about $200. Rene decides to give the drum to his daughter, which brings his profit for the day to $490.

Mary Padian

Mary buys the second unit of the day for $500 and hopes to break her dry spell. She finds books and a couple of boxes of vinyl records she says are worth about $2 each. She also finds a brand new washer and dryer which she values at about $600.

She finds a vintage stereo worth about $75 and a bunch of Kirby vacuum cleaner parts. The Kirby G4 vacuum with attachments that she takes to a specialist works and has a value of around $500, bringing her total profit for the day to $1,070.

Ivy Calvin

Ivy says the second unit has terrible furniture and doesn't bid, but the third unit catches his eye.

Ivy wins it for $1,500 after being bid up about $700 by Dave Hester. He finds a new laptop worth $150 and a United States Air Force ring worth about $75. An ammo can is worth $20 and a freezer is worth $125. He finds some gold jewelry and a Rolex watch worth about $2,500 in the drawers of a dresser. He finds some Vietnam era helmets worth $75 and more jewelry in a box worth about $1,000.

One old army case catches his attention and he takes it to the specialist to find out more. Ivy finds out he has a military mine detector from 1944 made to detect German mines and it's worth about $400 in the condition it is in. Ivy ended the episode with $3,415 in profit.