On May 5 a new Grey's Anatomy season 12 episode aired on ABC. Here's our recap for episode 23, 'Mama tried'. Only two episodes are left in season 12: episode 23, "At Last", and episode 24, "Family Affair".

Episode 22: Arizona and Callie's fight over Sophia

The last episode of Grey's Anatomy opens with Callie and Arizona ready to fight over Sophia. Arizona wants to go to the trial, hoping that Webber will help her. Her lawyer advises against her going to trial, but Arizona is sure she can surprise everyone.

In the meanwhile Jenny, a pregnant teen who broke her stomach in a home accident, will be cut open by Russo, since Arizona is leaving to go to court.

The judge wants to focus on what is best for Sophia and ask Callie and Arizona if they're sure of what they are doing. They both want the trial. The first to take the stand is Owen, who says Arizona found an excellent school for the girl in New York. After him, Arizona's roommate describes how much fun she and Sophia have at home.

When Bailey takes the witness stand, things start to get intense. Callie's lawyer compare Callie and Arizona's schedules (24 emergency surgery against 92), arguing that Callie has a more reliable schedule. Baley points out that every time Arizona does an emergency surgery she saves a life.

Jenny's conditions, April and Jackson custody issue

Russo finds out that Jenny's condition are serious.

The odds her baby survives are small. Russo decides to do an experimental surgery on Jenny's uterus to try to keep the baby inside longer, but Alex doesn't agree. Nonetheless, Russo proceeds with the surgery.

Arizona finally heads back to the hospital and tells Russo he made the right choice for Jenny. After a brief chat with Alex, Arizona goes home to put Sophia to sleep.

During Grey's Anatomy season 12 episode 22 April and Jackson show everyone how to handle a custody issue with calm and wisdom: they divide up the holidays and swear they will never fight over their kid.

After Callie meets Meredith, she and Arizona are back in court

At the end of the day, Callie goes home and lie in bed with Meredith.

Callie tells her that she has been second guessing going to court since she is afraid that the custody battle goes out of control.

The next day, Meredith takes the witness stand and points out that Amelia is watching over Sophia, but Arizona's lawyer sharply underlines that once Sophia is moved to New York she wouldn't be able to spend time with her friends, and Meredith wouldn't be able to support Callie.

When Webber takes the witness stand, Callie's lawyer proves that he and Arizona went out to drink dozens of time in the past months. In these occasions, Arizona always left Sophia to in Callies or the babysitter's hands. Arizona is now certain that she will lose. Callie takes the witness stand and narrates the day Sophia was born.

The Jenny and Arizona's situation

The chances Jenny's baby will survive are incredibly slim. Alex and the pregnant teen discuss with Russo, and Alex calls Arizona's phone many times. Arizona decides to answer while she's on the witness stand.

Thins get really emotional. Arizona explains that she thinks that both she and Callie are excellent mothers: Sophia is in good hands. Arizona tells everyone that she has to go back to the hospital because a child life is at stake, and left the court.

The judge's decision

When Arizona enters the hospital Russo in surgery. She shouts at him to stop. Since he hasn't cut the umbilical cord yet, Arizona puts the child back in and explain that she can patch up the uterus to keep the baby inside for weeks.

The next morning Callie and Arizona are waiting for the judge. He comes out and says he arrived at a decision. Then we see Arizona picking up Sophia from Meredith's house, and Callie crying, asking "how the hell this happened". Arizona won Sophia's custody.