Marvel movies have given us a lot of memorable moments, with heroes that are capable of creating an authentic connection with the audience and epic battles that we love to see on screen. But all this would not be so amazing, without one elemental character that every story needs to impact their fans: the villains.

In Marvel Universe we’ve met a lot of crazy, machiavellic, despicable and even empathic enemies. But there are some that will stay in our worst nightmares forever, and not by their brilliant plans nor their evilness.

Which villain do you hate the most?

These are the five worst villains that have appeared in Marvel movies. Who do you hate more?

  1. Malekith (Thor 2: The Dark World). The villain played by Christopher Eccleston is one of the more recent deceptions that we have seen in latest superheroes films. All in, this character is cliché; we never understood his motivations for destroying the universe and the worst part is, the immense absurd work that Thor suffers to stop him (why don’t you call The Avengers, boy?)

  2. Doctor Doom (Fantastic Four, 2005). The 2005 Fantastic Four version was a bad movie and Julian McMahon’s role as Doctor Doom, a very poor effort to save a film where the special effects seem to be all. Certainly, Dr. Victor van Doom deserved a much better performance than this.

  3. Venom (Spider-Man 3). Venom is one of the most emblematic villains in the Spider-Man saga and Marvel Universe, but the character didn’t get the treatment he deserved in Spider-Man 3, a movie with too many bad guys to enjoy the evil of Eddie Brock and his alter ego, played by Topher Grace.

  4. Bullseye (Daredevil). The Irish accent, more proper of Colin Farrell than of the same villain, the leather clothes that he wears instead the comic costume and that horrible cheap branding on the forehead… need we say more?

  5. The Mandarin (Iron Man 3). One of the most dangerous adversaries of Tony Stark; defined in the comic as a genius scientist and powerful martial artist, reduced to simply a farce played by the Oscar winner Ben Kingsley. Seriously, Hollywood?