Michelle Duggar is the mom of 19 children and of course, she is expected to keep them all straight and know the names of her kids. In a recent Facebook post on the Duggar family page, it said the wrong name of a child. The fans noticed right away, and everyone started to slam Michelle for this big mistake that they think she made. This family from19 Kids and Counting is used to the fans being rough on them.

What happened on the post?

A picture was posted on their Facebook page, and it showed a little girl sitting on the floor with a sewing machine.

Along with it was the caption, "Looks like Jordyn is getting some good practice." Of course, this was a cute picture, but the problem was that it wasn't Jordyn in the photo. It was actually their daughter Jennifer. Everyone assumed that Michelle Duggar was the one who made this post, but it could have been someone who helps with their social networks, Jim Bob or even one of the older kids.

Who really made this post?

Nobody really seems to know for sure who made the post. The Duggars have shared in the past that they take care of their own social networks. Jana and some of the older girls have been known to make posts before. So far the Duggars haven't said a word about who actually made this big mistake.

Fans went crazy on the post saying things like that they would get confused if they had 19 kids and that Michelle should at least know which daughter is which. It is kind of normal for someone to accidentally call a kid by the wrong name in person, but to actually write it down like that is pretty shocking.

Jessa Duggar Seewald has big plans for a huge family just like her parents.

She will be adopting some of the children that they take in, though. Hopefully, Jessa won't have any issues with keeping her children straight. So far, it is easy with just one.

Do you think that it was Michelle Duggar who messed up and called Jennifer by the name Jordyn on the post? Are you surprised that the Duggars haven't explained who posted this mistake? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.